12 Things Our Parents Forgot To Teach Us

Uh-oh, our parents left a few crucial things off the life-lessons list. Show them how you’ve got at least a few things figured out on your own when you open an account at Fifth Third Bank.

1. Your credit card isn’t free money.

Slow down!

2. Your major probably won’t determine your career.

Dirty Jobs / Discovery Channel / Via idreamofjasonbateman.tumblr.com

3. What’s appropriate to wear to class.

4. Lending money to a friend can sometimes ruin everything.

5. You never really stop feeling like a kid.

6. You can’t survive on junk food. But you can try.

Parks and Recreation / NBC / Via firecomingoutofamonkeyzhead.tumblr.com

7. How to get along with your roommates.

8. How to read an actual paper map.

9. How you feel after too much coffee.

10. How to deal with your first heartbreak.

11. How to write a paper without waiting until the very last minute.

12. How to ask out that babe in your lecture hall without falling flat on your face.

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