18 Reasons The Internet Loves Benedict Cumberbatch

Stopping at 18 doesn’t mean we can’t go on forever. Be sure to get another batch of Benedict when he takes center stage as Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate – in theaters October 18.

1. Because his elegance is beautifully translated through even the tip of a pencil.

cpnblowfish / Via cpnblowfish.tumblr.com

2. Because he cleans up so nicely.

3. Because he is comfortable with his FEELS, you guys.

4. Because he can be so charmingly sarcastic.

Have I Got News For You, Hat Trick Productions / Via girlinredconverse.tumblr.com

5. Because he’s motivational!

6. Because he talks to himself in the third person.

7. Because he has no problem taking the reins if he has to.


9. And somehow so magically resourceful.


10. Because he’ll trudge through the mud to see his favorite bands - just like us.


11. Because he’s not afraid to indulge in a little tourism from time to time.


12. Because of the little eye crinkles he gets when he smiles—look at those eye crinkles seriously.

13. Because also forehead crinkles.

14. Because he rocks a bowl cut like whoa.

Hawking, BBC / Via jambandit.tumblr.com

15. And he even pulls off the fauxhawk. Sort of.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

16. Because even his comebacks are pretty classy.

17. Because it’s refreshing to see a man that can truly bust a move regardless of time or place.

18. Because he is so very grateful for the time and attention of his supporters.

Especially yours.

Dreamworks / Via jaegermasters.tumblr.com

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