16 Facts Every Cumberbabe Should Know

Gather round for your refresher course, fervent fans. And if Benedict’s just beginning to steal your heart, welcome to the community. Get excited to see that smile grace the screen yet again in The Fifth Estate, coming to a theater near you October 18th.

1. His precise height is 6 feet and 1/2 inch tall.

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2. He's a natural redhead.

A gentlemanly shade of “auburn,” if you will.

3. His family lineage is epic.

His great-grandfather served as consul-general (a diplomatic representative) to Queen Victoria in Turkey, and his grandfather was a decorated submarine officer that served both World Wars. Just imagine him getting old and being decorated… but with acting awards instead.

4. Your attraction to his dreamy eyes can be attributed to science.

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He has a condition known as heterochromia – a genetic mutation that makes the color of his irises a combination of blue, green, and gold.

5. His master's degree in acting comes from the United Kingdom's oldest drama school – London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

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He’s academically certified to be this adorably expressive ALL OF THE TIME.

6. Both of his parents were noted television actors, and didn't want him to follow suit. However, to that, he said…

Despite being a brilliant academic, he ended up attending school on an arts scholarship.

7. He spent his gap year between school and university teaching English at a Tibetan monastery.

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8. He considers his "big break" to be the two Shakespeare roles he played in London's Open Air Theater in Regent Park.

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In 2001, he played the King of Navarre in Love’s Labour’s Lost and Demetrius in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

9. His favorite director is Stanley Kubrick.

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He loves the man’s work SO much, he claims, “the reason would take 30,000 words – i.e. my dissertation.”

10. He's an avid fan of the Great American TV series.


He claims to love “The Wire, The Office, The West Wing, Mad Men, and The Sopranos - the typical cliches of great American… box-set drama.”

11. He had the chance to meet with Stephen Hawking prior to playing him in 2004.

He’s noted, with reverence, “He’s such a presence and you have to really know what you want to say to him or ask him because it takes such a huge, phenomenal effort for him to communicate with you. You think, ‘I really don’t want to waste this man’s time.’”

12. He's perfectly comfortable hanging out in the sky.

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He’s confessed to being a one-time adrenaline junkie, participating in skydiving and hot air ballooning.

13. If he could swap lives with anyone for a day, he'd be Elvis playing the Stardust during his Vegas era.


14. He's played several roles in notable biopics, but the one person he'd one day love to play is solemn and mysterious singer-songwriter Nick Drake.

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15. He's won 19 acting awards between television, theater, and film.

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Will #20 be a Primetime Emmy for Parade’s End?

16. He knows and loves you all very much.

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