13 Secrets Benedict Cumberbatch Shared With The Internet

What should Cumberbatch fans call themselves? Benedict has the answer! Catch him in The Fifth Estate, in theaters October 18.

1. He credits Martin Freeman for his comedy chops.

Marty Melville / Getty Images

Sherlock fangirls go wild.

2. For Halloween, he wants to be the Invisible Man.

Not dress up as. Be.

3. Yes, he’s read the letter Julian Assange wrote criticizing both The Fifth Estate and Benedict’s performance.

Frank Connor/©Touchstone Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

His response is intelligent and frankly stunning. Worth a read.

4. He’d be cool with endorsing a line of pants (British slang for underwear) called “Cumberbritches.”

Daniel M. Nagy / Via Shutterstock

His only condition is that he gets a billboard in Times Square.

5. He’s joined Tom Hiddleston and Matt Smith in creating elaborate crossover fan fiction.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images


He was probably kidding, but every Sherlock/Loki/Doctor tumblr read his comments and died happy.

6. He appreciates his fame, although he values his privacy and hopes to maintain it.


Another thoughtful answer worth reading.

7. He loves animals.

pelican / Via Flickr: pelican

He especially wishes a long and happy life to the fish a fan named after him.

8. For The Fifth Estate, he worked on a Julian Assange accent, not just an Australian accent.

Frank Connor/©Touchstone Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

And it’s Aussie-approved!

9. Ghostbusters is one of his favorite movies.

©Columbia Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

As are Annie Hall, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the “John Hughes classics.”

10. He WANTS to tell you Sherlock spoilers.

George Pimentel / Getty Images

He wants to so badly that he cries himself to sleep. Wait, seriously?

11. He prefers Marmite to Nutella.

Bill Bradford / Via Flickr: 41894183508@N01

Aka he’s wrong.

12. He gets nervous meeting celebrities.

Anthony Devlin - WPA Pool / Getty Images

Benedict Cumberbatch! He’s just like you.

13. He thinks Cumberbatch fans should call themselves “Cumbertadpoles.”

Benny Mazur / Via Flickr: benimoto

Don’t ask questions! Just do it.

Don’t miss Benedict Cumberbatch in The Fifth Estate, in theaters October 18:

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