10 Things That Should’ve Remained A Secret

In this age of information overload, some people just don’t know how to keep a secret. Although some pieces of withheld information are large enough to take down empires, these citizens of The Fifth Estate still managed to go just a step too far in the overshare department.

1. This noble attempt to avert the law.

2. This guy who should also be charged for stealing bandwidth from the house he robbed.

3. Your leap into becoming a human billboard.

4. This person's urgent health concerns.

5. Kevin's riveting evening out on the town.

6. This fairly gross dose of revenge by cooties.

7. That's a sweet offer, but no thank you Megan…

8. The time you Catfished yourself.

9. Anthony's attempt to get rebellious.

10. The shame of this poor kid on behalf of his tech-savvy father.

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