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12 Things That Would Happen If Dogs Could Use Social Media

They'd certainly have plenty to share with their friends! Stay connected to your social circles with a Fido plan.

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2. Fit Fridays!

"Getting my downward dog on to start the weekend off right! Yoga now, pizza boxes full of crumbs in the recycling bin later..." #winning

3. "Candid" Holiday Pics

ClatieK (CC BY-ND http://2.0) / Via Flickr: clatiek

"Nah, this isn't staged at all. My family doesn't take LAME holiday photos. I just happened to snuggle under this paper cut waiting to happen. And I ALWAYS look this cute."

5. Fishing for Compliments

"What do you guys think??? Do they look ok??? Should I go bigger???"

9. Dramatic Selfies

"Just feeling mysterious today." #artsy #sohipster

12. And, of Course, Proof of Fabulous Social Life

"Oh, ya know. Just showing off my peeps. Isn't this what social media is all about?" #myfriendsarecoolerthanyourfriends

Let a Fido plan help you share what's going on in your life.