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12 Products That Should Exist For People Trying To Eat Healthy

Because the struggle is real, but it wouldn't have to be if these products existed.

1. Tiny speakers that play back the noise of your chewing.

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Because nothing can tame an appetite like the sound of that appetite in action.

2. A billboard that broadcasts your victories.

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Because you earned those bragging rights!

3. Vending machines with body odor.


Because that craving would probably disappear almost instantaneously.

4. A tiny robot bat that lives in your pantry.

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Because you need something that can stop you from sneaking in a snack both day and night.

5. A slap hand lap band.

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Because if you can't trust the two you have, then at least you can trust this one.

6. A trash can charm bracelet.

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Because it's a tiny reminder of how you don't want to feel when the food just keeps comin'.

7. A megaphone that automatically amplifies compliments.


Because nothing's bad about knowing you're doing something good.

8. A "That's too much pizza!" alarm.

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Because pizza's right to remain silent shouldn't be held against you.

9. A browser extension that hides Pinterest food boards after first view.


Because you probably have too much on your plate to worry about imaginary ones.

10. A refrigerator stoplight.

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Because it'd be nice to regulate food traffic.

11. Weights that push you when you couldn't curb a craving.


Because truly personalized trainers would be a magical thing.

12. Programmable shoes that keep you away from certain stores.

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Because sometimes even window shopping is too much shopping.

A chew treat.

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Because you shouldn't have to fight your instincts. Grab a Fiber One instead.