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14 Reasons We Owe Italy A Debt Of Gratitude

Italy is responsible for a surprisingly large number of the world's greatest things. Here are 14 awesome Italian innovations, including some we simply couldn't do without, brought to you by the FIAT® 500L.

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1. For upping the world's style game.


Italy has always been stylish as hell.

2. And inventing eyeglasses.


Glasses have been helping attractive people look smarter since the end of the 1200s.

3. For canals as a mode of transportation.

Break / Via

And a place to throw tourists.

4. For coming up with bocce ball.


The favorite sport of 90-year-olds and an easy game to play after a few beers.

5. And inventing the piano.


The modern piano was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori around 1700.

6. For ballet.


Ballet originated in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century and was later popularized in France and Russia.

7. And other ambiguously erotic art.

Italy perfected the art of sculpting naked bodies.
roger4336 / Via Flickr: tiseb

Italy perfected the art of sculpting naked bodies.

8. For the Renaissance.


Without Italy, we also wouldn't have the artists that inspired the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

9. For popularizing sexy art films.

Clip from "8 1/2" - Cineriz Films / Via

Where would film be without names like Leone, Bertolucci, and Fellini?

10. And for making scooters cool.

vespismo / Via

Italy made driving around on a tiny, low-powered motorbike seem like the coolest thing ever.

11. For figuring out that coffee is meant to be strong.


The process for making espresso was patented in Turin in 1884.

12. And for developing the mass production of wine.


Which comes in handy when you're having an especially rough day.

13. For spaghetti, lasagna, ravioli... basically all pasta.


Capellini, fusilli, ziti.... So much pasta.

14. And perhaps the biggest contribution of all: Pizza


If it weren't for Italy, there would be no pizza. So, thank you, Italy!

With this amazing track record, we should all be happy the Italians are coming!

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