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13 People Who Tried Way Too Hard To Be Cool

For some people, being cool is easy. For most of us, it involves hard work. Here are a few folks who are trying a little too hard, brought to you by the FIAT® 500L.

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1. Your parents at a dance club.

2. Or, really, parents dancing anywhere.

3. This part-time model.

4. These backyard superheroes.

5. The bathroom twerker.

6. And this sports fan hanging out by himself.

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7. The guy who sucked food off a treadmill for his 15 minutes of fame.

8. Or this guy trying to spice up his love life.

9. This sexy car washer.

10. And this backyard burlesque performer.

11. This guy who likes his frog costume a little too much.

12. This graceful diver.

13. And this karate teacher trying to impress his class.

Fortunately, the Italians are coming and we'll all be able to learn a thing or two about being cool.

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