13 People Who Make Cool Look Easy

Being cool doesn’t just happen - it’s an art form that requires practice. Here are 13 things you can do to dramatically increase your suave factor, brought to you by the FIAT® 500L.

1. Do the mundane with flair.

2. Find the paths of least resistance.

3. Act like good things were meant to happen.

4. Even when they are extraordinarily good.

Comcast Sports Net / Via twistedsifter.com

5. Make the difficult seem easy.

6. Pretend like your accomplishments are no big deal.

7. And incredibly easy.

8. …and if they are impossible? Fake them.

9. Only celebrate the biggest victories.

10. Act like your wipeouts were meant to happen.

11. And that your injuries don’t hurt.

12. And even if you’re a complete mess, it always looks cool to exaggerate your mistakes.

13. By doing all these things, you too can be effortlessly cool.

The Italians are coming and things are about to get much more cool.

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