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12 Cool Ways To Get Yourself Out Of Precarious Situations

It's not the size of the problem that counts, it's the attitude you take to solve it. Here are 12 creative solutions to everyday life problems, brought to you by the FIAT® 500L.

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1. If you accidentally intercept a greeting from a stranger, turn the moment into your own "special time".

2. If you've broken both of your legs and you can't afford crutches, learn the art of walking on your hands.

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You might find that you like it more than regular walking.

3. You're running late for work and need breakfast? Work on your toast-tossing skills to save time.


Every second counts.

4. If you're out of money, earn fast cash by entering a "weird limbo" contest.

5. If you're in a wheelbarrow race in front of a packed auditorium, maximize your energy by switching places with your partner halfway.

6. If you're golfing with your dad and he starts asking you about your life plans, a hovercraft golf cart will help you escape in seconds.

7. If you're at a fast food restaurant when robbers take everyone hostage, you can use the trays as a ninja weapon.


You'll impress your coworkers, too.

8. You're stuck at the bottom of a pool? Skateboard your way to the top.


Okay. Maybe this one doesn't work, but you'll look cool.

9. If you're at the mall and run into your ex, you can make a super quick (and totally smooth) getaway by sliding down the escalator.

10. Similarly, if you're at the coast and you run into your ex, and also a police officer who wants to arrest you for a crime you never committed, jump off a cliff.

11. If you're skiing and an abominable snowman starts an avalanche, you'll need to ski away really, really fast.

12. And finally, if you run into a bear in your neighborhood... back away as calmly as possible.


Don't run.

Thankfully, for most precarious situations, the new FIAT® 500L will make the perfect getaway car.

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