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17 Summer Style Hacks With A Difference

One of the best things about summer is ditching the layers and slipping into something more stylish. Fiat knows that stylish is something that makes you stand out from the crowd. Follow these style hacks to take your summer style to the next level.

1. Make basic sandals look expensive with studs.

2. Customise plain gold hoops by adding embellishments:

3. Take your basic shoes to the next level

4. Or leave them plain like these gorgeous polka-dot numbers

5. Make this braided silk scarp necklace

6. Keep your summer shoes fresh with teabags.

7. Show your friends you care with a simple gold spike friendship bracelet.

What you need: gold elastic and studded beads.

Tie a knot in your elastic - this is important, unless you want your creations to whizz off the end and onto your carpet. Leave about an inch of thread after the knot.

Thread the beads and tie a knot at the end, before tying two ends together.

8. Make a hair flower fascinator from old clothes:

The full tutorial is here:

View this video on YouTube

9. Update dark denim with some bleach.

10. Turn your old gym T-shirts into racerback ribbon vests.

Simply slice the T-shirt up, as above, then flip it over and use pretty ribbon, jersey scraps, or lace to tie the two shoulder straps at the back together.

11. Stencil a tie-up shirt with fabric paint

12. Upgrade tired denim by embellishing some shorts

13. If you’re short and want to rock maxi skirts — go for jersey.

14. Replace camera straps with a scarf or chain

15. Turn a plain sweatshirt into an MSGM-inspired floral sweatshirt

16. Print out your photos and turn them into a bangle

This video tutorial shows you how:

View this video on YouTube

17. Make your own gladiator sandals with a pair of flip-flops and a scarf.

View this video on YouTube

Just wrap the scarf around the plastic toe holder, starting at the bottom of the 'V' at the front and working to the back. Secure with glue.

Leave two ends free on either side of the shoe so that you can criss-cross them up your legs and tie them at the back.

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