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14 Animals Who Love Being Different

Normal animals don't do much. They sleep, they eat, they play... maybe if you're lucky they snuggle once in a while. Snooze-town, right? Here are some animals that have no interest in being normal. Brought to you by FIAT 500 Canada.

1. This dog who thinks walks are for amateurs

2. This cool dude

3. This business-dog eating peanut butter

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4. These party animals

5. These cool cats

6. These non-standard Standard Poodles

7. Man's best frenemy

8. This dynamic duo

9. This heart-healthy horse

10. This guy who "ought to" be in the NBA

11. These keyboard cats

12. Dr. Seuss's "The Cat Is The Hat"

13. This dog in his DIY Jacuzzi

14. And this... whatever this is