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11 Pictures Of Produce Items That Are Big For No Damn Reason

These fruits and vegetables are bigger than they need to be. But the bigger the Super Cropsies in Farm Heroes Super Saga get, the bigger your score!

1. You're the first one to take your shirt off at the beach, aren't you, tomato?

2. Daaaaaaaaaamn! ♫ Baby got Bok (Choy)

3. Seriously, papaya, do you have a good reason to be that swole?

4. Onion, you know you've got too many layers. Just admit things got out of hand with the layers.

5. My money's on you in this arm-wrestling match, zucchini.

6. Strawberry, you look like you could be a bouncer at a nightclub called Elixir.

7. Hey, watermelon, whaddya bench? I'll tell you what I bench, but you go first.

8. Stop trying to be a couch, pumpkin. You're not a couch. Just treasure your pumpkin-ness!

9. You are 24 karats of unnecessarily massive, carrot.

10. Do you play center for the Squashington Wizards? Wait, no, you don't have hands.

11. Sprout, you look bigger than the free weights I lift at the gym. Can you stop making me feel so damn inadequate?

Play Farm Heroes Super Saga today! One look at the all-new, massively adorable Super Cropsies, and you'll know why BIGGER is better!

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