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10 Times The Office US Takes Friendship To The Next Level

Work environment at its best, one job application at Dunder Mifflin please. Warning: spoilers ahead

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1. Jim's hilarious pranks and Dwight's responds


The creativity goes from putting Dwight's stuff in jello to identity theft and so on. For Jim, there's no holding back when pulling pranks on Dwight as well as being there for him in times of trouble. And Dwight's reactions are gold, he knows exactly how to pay back as much as Jim knows how to make him tick. Find a friend who plays along with your pranks.

2. Jim and Pam making it out of the friend zone


After over 3 years of friendship and bad timing, they finally prove that two people can be best friends and lovers at the same time. Give it up for Jam!

3. Michael's appreciation of Pam's art


Michael's among the very few people from the office who comes to Pam's first fine art exhibition. He's also the only one who shows emotional support and even asks to buy one of her works.

4. Pam's loyalty to her boss, Michael


When the new boss takes over and Michael quits Dunder Mifflin, Pam's the only employee in the office who follows him to start his own paper company without knowing how things will turn out.

5. Holly reading Michael's mind in the search when he goes missing


When Jim takes off in a hurry and leaves Michael at a gas station, he wanders and gets lost with no cellphone or money. Dwight, Erin, and Holly set out to find him, but only Holly can put herself in his shoes and tracks down all the places he stops by. Does your close friend know you that well?

6. Andy helping Erin figure out Gabe's Valentine's quest


Nothing hurts more than helping your crush with the romantic treasure hunt arranged by their lover on Valentine's Day. But Andy does it for Erin and keeps his feelings undercover, what a tough friend.

7. The office planning Michael's proposal to Holly


The office helps Michael plan his marriage proposal and it's perfect. They make sure their boss pops the question in the best and safest way possible, which doesn't include Michael's original plan of lighting gasoline on fire. Real friends save friends.

8. Angela and Oscar joining forces after the love triangle with the state senator


Angela and Oscar might have been caught in a dramatic and messy romance with the same man, but Oscar's the only one there for Angela when she gets divorced and loses everything. He even offers her a place to stay at his house.

9. Brian, from the documentary crew, saving Pam from being attacked by the warehouse guy


After years of filming, Brian the boom mic operator comforts Pam as she has a breakdown with her husband, Jim, and also comes to the rescue when she almost gets struck by an angry warehouse worker who vandalizes her mural art. Brian doesn't care if he loses his job.

10. The last dance with Darryl


Darryl tries to leave Dunder Mifflin without making a big deal, but his colleagues find out and become sentimental. Darryl doesn't have much time, so he tells them he'll do one thing with them for the last time. They choose to turn the office into a discotheque and have one final dance together as a farewell, it was cute as hell.

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