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    These Fan Reactions To "Three Pines" Made Me Want To Watch The Series, And I Wasn't Disappointed

    I fell in love with this snowy mystery.

    🚨This post contains spoilers for Three Pines🚨

    Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache novels have been the toast of the crime literary world for many years and readers harbored a desire to see Chief Inspector Armand Gamache brought to life on screen. Amazon Prime's latest series, Three Pines, fulfilled this wish.

    Alfred Molina looks at something

    1. The show is an engrossing watch. And good to see Doc Ock in a benign form.

    Hooked on Three Pines. Alfred Molina is always excellent.

    Amazon prime / Via Twitter: @LEEBEY

    2. No gore. Lots of lore. Watching it doesn't feel like a chore.

    Watched Three Pines on @PrimeVideo - it's so good. Like many of the Canada-based shows I like, it has little violence, a lot of humanity, and a good story at its core. Alfred Molina plays a wise and compassionate Chief Inspector - and he does so perfectly, of course.

    Twitter: @AskingAmy

    3. So many good things packed in one show.

    If you have Amazon Prime, I highly recommend you watch Three Pines. Brilliant crime series set in Canada. Along side the murder mysteries is a powerful examination of the treatment of First Nation people. #ThreePinesOnPrime

    Twitter: @Madiganda / Amazon Prime

    4. Reminds me of True Detective Season 1.

    Don’t sleep on Three Pines (Amazon Prime). It’s super good and Alfred Molina is a joy as always. Nice to have a detective show where the lead character isn’t a miserable bastard who hates humanity.

    Twitter: @eflind

    5. A novel way to watch the show.

    Current airplane read. Catching up so I can get to the newest release! Opening chapter in this one is so good! Also watching Three Pines - adore the new Inspector Gamache! 😍😍😍

    Twitter: @ausmazehanat / Minotaur Books

    6. A show so good that even dogs are watching it. Hahaha.

    My puppy’s reaction to the hilarious #threepines bear scene #ThreePinesOnPrime

    Twitter: @Rexy225T

    7. We all get plagued by vexation when TV and movies get our hometowns wrong.

    I’m enjoying Three Pines despite my anticipatory embarrassment of seeing the Eastern Townships (where I was born) portrayed &I couldn’t put my finger on what felt off & then realized the showrunner & all of the writers are British.

    Twitter: @zoewhittall

    8. Makes me want to rewatch the episodes.

    Have you ever played/watched/read something and it was so good, you wished you could go to sleep and wake up and it be like you’ve never seen it so you watch it brand new again? What was it? Right now for me it’s Three Pines.

    Twitter: @MzFitt

    9. Some interesting comparisons with more established names in the genre. I am a fan of Midsomer Murders as well.

    I wonder which Murder mystery series draw the smallest communities each time. Death In Paradise has a weekly murder on a small island. Midsomer Murders it's a small county. My winner is Three Pines - it's a small village and the suspects seem to be the same dozen people each week

    Twitter: @ItsAndyRyan

    10. How many mysteries commence with an act of villainy as absurd as this?

    @HartHanson No, but I just watched episode one of Three Pines, wherein a woman is electrocuted by an outdoor heater because she’s wearing ice spike boots to a curling match on Boxing Day, eh? I give it 4 leafs. 🍁🍁🍁🍁

    Twitter: @TheAuthorGuy

    11. The show is a big win for indigenous actors.

    Episode four of #ThreePines was very powerful. Alfred Molina is of course fantastic but Tantoo Cardinal brought me to tears. Georgina Lightning and Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers complete the trifecta of powerful women telling powerful stories in this important show.

    Twitter: @TheresaLubowitz

    12. Inspector Gamache has got some nature mysteries to solve. LOL.

    I hope Inspector Gamarche investigates what the hell a grizzly bear is doing in Quebec on next week’s episode of Three Pines.

    Twitter: @flematic

    13. Alfred Molina's acting chops are being appreciated by lay viewers too.

    I'm watching THREE PINES on Amazon, a detective show with Alfred Molina. It's pretty good, and I keep catching him doing REMARKABLY subtle stuff. Like, someone he's interviewing will say something, and he'll narrow his eyes a bit, like you can see visually that he's taking it in.

    Twitter: @Lons

    14. Real life tragic events echo in the show.

    Omg they are talking in this Three Pines show about a school run by nuns in Canada where they had torture chambers for indigenous children. They included electric chairs. I’m so disgusted

    Twitter: @notcapnamerica

    15. And some Canadian viewers are calling it out.

    Every Canadian should be watching Three Pines. On the surface it’s a whodunnit in a small town, but it also confronts us with our shameful history. Episode four is great storytelling on every level.

    Twitter: @katarnett

    16. Some well-known but well-needed homilies are dropped by the show.

    Bea on #ThreePines - “I live with that place. I see it every day… That’s how trauma works. It leaves its mark. And the more you try to push it away, the greater control it has over us. I remember so I am free. Confronting your demons makes you stronger.” #trauma

    Twitter: @TracieNicolai

    17. Ahh! The writers goofed up?

    Inspector Gamache fans, he is misleading you when he says he went to the cathedral every Sunday when he studied at Cambridge. How could he if there are no cathedrals in Cambridge?!? Only chapels. Even if they look like cathedrals. #ThreePines

    Twitter: @MarissaRothkopf Geoffrey Robinson / Alamy

    18. Wonderful lines from a wonderful character played by a wonderful actor.

    Watching Three Pines on Amazon, featuring the wonderful Alfred Molina. His character just said a great thing: "Grief is love. Love with no place to go."

    Twitter: @Akelaa

    19. But difficult to please all.

    Okay we're three episodes in so I'm going to call it: Three Pines is really disappointing

    Twitter: @Lady_Historian