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    Taskmaster's Surprise Reveal Has Some In Awe And Some In Tears And Some In Anger

    Taskmaster has fans divided.

    Since the first trailer of Black Widow dropped in December 2019, one thing that kept the fans on their toes was the presence of Taskmaster in the movie.

    A masked figure faces a woman and strikes a pose that is mirror image of the woman's pose.

    Once the movie was released, the character that received the strongest and highly mixed reactions was the Taskmaster.

    A closeup of the masked figure watching something.

    At the same time, many fans were disappointed about Taskmaster's short duration of presence onscreen. They were on the screen for just seven minutes. I literally counted.

    The same masked figure standing.

    But there's a subset of fans who are morose, angry, and feeling betrayed by the Taskmaster's portrayal in the movie — and they have a lot to complain about.

    A woman pointing a long blade at a masked person

    This article explores the myriads of fan reactions that Taskmaster got. Let's dive into them.

    1. OK! First things first. All of those who understood the story would agree that Taskmaster was not the villain. At best, they were a pawn who had no control over what they did.

    people don’t understand the villain in black widow was not taskmaster but dreykov it seems like we didn’t watch the same movie

    Twitter: @rovmanova

    2. Many fans enjoyed the Taskmaster and the twist that the movie offers.

    My #blackwidow hot take… I actually enjoyed everything they did with the #Taskmaster character. Hoping for a return somehow in future films. -B

    Twitter: @taketoopodcast

    3. This particular scene where Taskmaster flips up the shield with his legs seems to be a great hit with the fans.

    I love what they did with #Taskmaster !!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 #BlackWidow @MarvelStudios

    Twitter: @Brian95_Lockon

    4. Well, they indeed are intimidating.

    Taskmaster is pretty terrifying! 😱😱 #BlackWidow #BlackWidowWatchParty

    Twitter: @BamSmackPow

    5. I relate to this reaction:

    i gasped in the theater cause i was so excited i got to see her do her move again but when taskmaster did it my eyes went 😳

    Twitter: @natsfarmiga


    Appreciation post, because I actually liked #Taskmaster :)

    Twitter: @abi_m_l

    7. I was surprised that Nat didn't get any fractures when she was punched on her chest by Taskmaster.

    this scene though. definitely my favourite scene with taskmaster I was genuinely scared for nat

    Twitter: @tasmrey

    8. The identity reveal of Taskmaster was definitely mind-boggling.

    I loved how they wrote Taskmaster to fit with the #BlackWidow movie I have no complaints. No complaints whatsoever

    Twitter: @Gedaffa_Koff

    9. This reveal pretty much threw everyone off. Some fans were upset at seeing a woman under the helmet because that meant the Tony Masters story from the comics was out of the window.

    my favorite villain. the build up to her identity reveal was amazing #taskmaster

    Twitter: @tpwknora

    10. Applause for the effort one has to put in to look lethal.

    #blackwidow Brady Langmann - Before we get to the serious stuff, I'm curious: How heavy was Taskmaster's suit? olga kurylenko - It was very heavy. And do you know what? There's so many layers to get dressed. It would literally take 30 minutes.

    Twitter: @Mcu_Master01

    11. Many fans are enjoying the twist.

    I liked Black Widow. I love what they did with Taskmaster.

    Twitter: @JonStrickland

    12. Some also expressed jovial embarrassment for long believing that OT Fagbenle was the Taskmaster.

    Straight up thought my man was secretly Taskmaster since like 2018….just Random Buddy #3 😅😅😅😅#BlackWidow

    Twitter: @KnightGambit


    say what you want about taskmaster but i think we can all agree that this

    Twitter: @FN_616

    14. Someone added "Hymn for the Weekend" to a Taskmaster montage.

    (Contains spoilers from #Blackwidow) - - - - #Taskmaster: Hymn for the Weekend

    Twitter: @Supr3meleader

    15. No, you are not. There are many who are not angry.

    Am I the only person on the planet who isn't angry about Taskmaster in Black Widow? It made complete sense for the story and the fight scenes were incredible. Thoroughly enjoyed this film! solid 8/10

    Twitter: @seanwmidson

    16. Some fans noticed Taskmaster's fighting style.

    #BlackWidow spoilers - - - - So y’all didn’t notice when taskmaster did Bucky’s knife flip?

    Twitter: @ItsNotChaelynn

    17. And how familiar it seemed:

    #BlackWidow SPOILERS: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Me, a Bucky Fan when Taskmaster copied The Winter Soldier’s fighting style:

    Twitter: @thismustbfakeme

    18. Yeah, I, too, had some of these moments.

    #BLACKWIDOW SPOILERS - - - - every time the taskmaster copied steve’s fight moves

    Twitter: @steveroguhrs

    19. A new meme format rises.

    Twitter: @CaptainGalxy

    20. And then there's this relevant question.

    Why are people that saw the movie calling Taskmaster a "he"?

    Twitter: @JustTheGoat216

    21. Some compared them to the comics, while others made comparisons to the Taskmaster that appears in the Spider-Man game.

    Taskmaster gets more depth and character development in the side missions of Spider-Man PS4 than in the entire runtime of Black Widow.....

    Twitter: @BlackMajikMan90

    22. I get this person. Taskmaster was really underutilized.

    Black Widow - Really enjoyed the grounded & darker tone of the film. The cast elevates the film, especially Pugh & Harbour. The action is well shot, staged and harkens back to Winter Soldier. The biggest letdown for me was Taskmaster, a great villain woefully underutilized.

    Twitter: @JTEmoviethinks

    23. Another fan expressing the above sentiment.

    #BlackWidow 1. Taskmaster in Comics. 2. Taskmaster in black widow movie.

    Twitter: @_h_i_t_e_s_h_

    24. For some, Taskmaster has joined the group of the most badly adapted characters:

    Twitter: @RedRozeReaper

    25. Don Corleone agrees.

    Taskmaster barely getting any screen time + that twist

    Twitter: @cj_piper64

    26. I personally think the character should have gotten more screentime.

    I love #BlackWidow film I thought it was great but they did #Taskmaster so bad.😭😭 the character deserved better i wish they give us another one.

    Twitter: @chrisdadeviant

    27. Seems this person had a very sheltered life:

    #BlackWidow writer says their adaptation of #Taskmaster “makes more sense” “Someone said … ‘Taskmaster was the biggest betrayal of my life’ and I was just like … well you’ve had a pretty good life then” (via @PhaseZeroCB)

    Twitter: @CultureCrave

    28. This person also had an extreme reaction:

    Me enjoying Me during the #BlackWidow #Taskmaster reveal.

    Twitter: @Kamwi_Mwangelwa

    29. Some fans were enjoying the hysterical overreactions to the Taskmaster's identity reveal.

    the mcu has gotten a lot wrong but making taskmaster a women and men getting upset about it is the best thing they’ve given us

    Twitter: @snapdragonsoph

    30. Chill out, fans. The multiverse is here, and Marvel can always make another Taskmaster movie that sticks to the portrayal in comics.

    Twitter: @TheEricGoldman

    What did you think about the Taskmaster reveal? Let us know in the comments!