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    The Internet Is In Love With Kate From "Fear Street" And These Reactions Prove It

    Kate lives on in our hearts.

    The Fear Street trilogy is still making waves on the internet, but one character in particular has had our tear ducts in overdrive: that, of course, would be Kate from Fear Street: 1994, brilliantly played by Julia Rehwald.

    Amy Sussman / Getty Images for Netflix

    This high school cheerleader and valedictorian is sassy, spunky, and street-smart — a fighter who is trying her best to move ahead in life toward a better future. She never lets down her friends and doesn't turn her back on anyone, even when she knows it might literally be the end of her.

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    Although not a main character in any of the Fear Street movies, Kate provoked admiration, attachment, and empathy from many a viewer.

    Kate was the underdog we all were hoping would win. That's why we've collected some of the best tweets about her from fans who just can't help their obsession.

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    🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead! 🚨

    1. The qualities that appealed to us most:

    …so we all agree that Kate was the absolute highlight in #FearStreet1994 and deserved waaaayyy better? My girl just wanted to get out of Shadyside and live her best life #FearStreet

    Twitter: @ryjoyn


    aren't we going to talk about how funny this transition is 😭 #fearstreet

    Twitter: @sapphicfier

    3. Many fans chose to put different songs over the same montage of Kate's most beautiful moments in the movie:

    kate fear street fancam edit #FearStreet #FearStreet1994

    Twitter: @cosmcofe


    fear street; fear street 1994; olivia welch; kiana madeira; julia rehwald; your teeth in my neck; kali uchis; edit; sameena; sam and deena; bread slicer; dir. leigh janiak; rl stine books; kate and simon

    Twitter: @kianamadeira

    5. It really would have been:

    btw j saying fear street would’ve been shit without kate 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 #FearStreet1994

    Twitter: @eranaztakis

    6. Did Kate mean this?

    Twitter: @euphoriccazzie


    the 2021 Tatum Riley scream queen award goes to...Kate in Fear Street Part 1: 1994 👏👏👏

    Twitter: @NetflixGeeked

    8. Well, I, too, thought that Kate would make it:

    FEAR STREET 1994 SPOILERS . . . . . . . kate's death WHAT THE FUCK they really gave her the most awful and horrible death and my boy simon 😭 my dumbass really thought they were gonna survive wtfff

    Twitter: @songsinourkey

    9. You love to see it!

    omg kate schmidt paying homage to fellow filipino rufa mae quinto in fear street 1994 #FearStreet

    Twitter: @samspauly

    10. No one wants to fight you. We all like her.

    i’m in love with kate from fear street. if u don’t like her, fight me now xxx

    Netflix / Twitter: @catapillartroly


    Twitter: @badtimehope

    12. Yeah, she did:

    @NetflixFilm @netflix She deserved better

    Twitter: @thekoogler723


    kate schmidt best girl #FearStreet #FearStreet1994

    Twitter: @n1ghtshifts


    fear street 1666 really gave us the “what if kate and simon were friends with cindy berman” <3

    Twitter: @tokyogfathers


    everytime i rewatch fear street i just fall more in love with kate….

    Twitter: @miahealeyes


    julia rehwald as kate. (fear street part one: 1994) #fearstreet

    Twitter: @slvshers

    17. Who all ships Kate and Josh?

    🏆 TOP SHIPS DE FEAR STREET 🏆 5. kate y josh | 309 votos

    Twitter: @fearstreetistas

    18. BFF goals. Deena is lucky to have Kate by her side:

    kate was a real one 🥺 #FearStreet besties in 1666 still besties in 1994

    Twitter: @chavocad0

    19. This realization made her death even more tragic:

    kate ended up saving her drug money for nothing #FearStreet

    Twitter: @bIoodymartha


    pov: you're kate schmidt from fear street

    Twitter: @sh3lbywilds


    I’ve just gotta say it. Fear Street Part One: 1994 was a clear 10/10 for. But dayummm. Why you gotta do Simon & Kate dirty like that!? #FearStreet1994


    cw // fear street pt 1: 1994 literally my dumbass thought that these two kate and simon were gonna be left untouched by the killers. THEY DESERVED BETTER 😭 #FearStreet

    Collection Christophel / Alamy Stock Photo / Twitter: @wandadevil

    23. Julia Rehwald talking about her character's gruesome death.

    julia talking about the one take for the cake into kate’s face scene 😭 #fearstreet

    Twitter: @feuenfeu

    24. Some were making morbid jokes...

    Kate from Fear Street 1994 is the best thing since sliced bread...

    Twitter: @HunterStandUp

    25. ... and morbid puns:

    rest in pieces kate my beloved 💔 #FearStreet

    Twitter: @josieincendia


    Fear Street was pretty good but I hated Kate's ending so much. Undeserved. Her and Simon deserved better. This meme made me laugh though lol still, Justice for Kate Netflix! #FearStreet1994 #FearStreet

    Twitter: @sealed_pokemast


    kate went from being 'my #fearstreet 1994 comfort character' to a 'slices of brHEAD'

    Twitter: @ilovedeadship

    28. That was no way to die:

    Watching Fear Street for the first time. WHY THEY KILL KATE LIKE THAT

    Twitter: @thtblkkidxo


    fear street spoilers‼️ . . . . . . . . . Literally me after Kate's death scene🤢 I swear, that was one of the most disturbing things that I've ever seen in my life

    Twitter: @bugheadsour


    me at work when a customer asks me to slice bread for them because i’m traumatized by what happened to kate in fear street

    Twitter: @BREKKCALORE


    one of the most heartbreaking moments in #FearStreet1994 is when kate is fighting for her life, and the scene cuts away to deena, sam and then simon doing their own thing, but you can still hear kate’s screams in the background. it gets to me every time. #FearStreet

    Twitter: @swishoflight

    32. I wish this were possible in the movie. But the way Kate died was just...

    #fearstreet deleted scene of deena trying to get kate back with cpr

    Twitter: @samslittlewhore

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