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    24 Behind The Scenes Moments From "Peacemaker" That Are As Great As The Show

    Guess which animal was real?

    The uproarious Season 1 of Peacemaker just finished to a thunderous reception by fans. It followed the attempts of a black-ops group made up of misfits to eliminate a species of mind-controlling alien butterflies.

    Title card of Peacemaker

    As the season has ended, let's see what went on behind the scenes:

    Jennifer Holland and Danielle Brooks talk as John Cena and Freddie Stroma stand in the background

    1. Presenting the main players of Peacemaker:

    Twitter: @thedanieb

    2. Got to eat to make up for lost blood:

    3. Harcourt and Judomaster practice their climactic fight.

    4. Bloodshed can wait. Gotta tweet first.

    It’s @freddiestroma live tweeting right now! #Peacemaker #PeacemakerParty

    Twitter: @steveagee

    5. The main cast of Peacemaker takes a selfie.

    The main cast of Peacemaker take a selfie

    6. At least they got a real raccoon. Unlike the bald eagle.

    Yeah they used an actual raccoon that’s one animal that wasn’t CG #Peacemaker #PeacemakerParty #Economos

    Twitter: @steveagee

    7. Vigilante showing off some drip:

    #Vigilante in the woods is a vibe #Peacemaker #PeacemakerParty

    Twitter: @steveagee

    8. Don't be mean to Eagly.

    #Eagly and #economos don’t get along #Peacemaker #PeacemakerParty

    Twitter: @steveagee

    9. This is the moment when Auggie "crashes" into their van.

    Unused angle of the moment #whitedragon rams our van off the road #Peacemaker #PeacemakerParty #Vigilante #Economos

    Twitter: @steveagee

    10. This vigilante got some moves:

    Who’s excited for another #PeacemakerParty ? 6pm PST watch episode 7 and follow the above hashtag! #peacemaker #Economos #Vigilante #peacemaker #adebayo #Harcourt

    Twitter: @steveagee

    11. Yay! The whole team about to take on the butterflies.

    12. Let's have an empanada while Harcout gets treated.

    13. Judomaster doesn't mess around with COVID-19.

    14. Judomaster (played by Nhut Le) stands next to an exact 3D scan replica of his head:

    15. The surviving members minus Vigilante:

    16. With the butterflies.

    17. The kids who grilled Peacemaker.

    18. Peacemaker and Vigilante, sitting in a tree...

    19. With their furry friends.

    20. ARGUS members chilling out.

    21. Jennifer Holland and Steve Agee take a selfie:

    Jennifer Holland and Steve Agee in a selfie

    22. So nice to have blood on the face:

    What has two thumbs and a body count??? #JohnEconomos #peacemaker

    Twitter: @steveagee

    23. Poor, sweet Judomaster.

    #Judomaster may have fucked #Economos up, but it took a lot out of him @itsnhutle #peacemaker #peacemakerparty

    Twitter: @steveagee

    24. The shield of peace.

    I need to praise @waynedalglish and his stunts team for the fight choreography in this episode. Love those guys. #PeacemakerParty #peacemaker

    Twitter: @JamesGunn