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    Netflix's "Bastard!!" Is Making Fans Rediscover Their Childhood Anime

    Dungeons & Dragons with heavy metal.

    If you are an anime lover itching to take a dive into a show that is unapologetically sexy, and full of sword and sorcery, heavy metal, alternate worlds, and fantasy, then Netflix's latest offering Bastard!!: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy has got you covered.

    A princess and her two ministers look on

    Let's see what anime lovers have to say about this series:

    1. I hope that some of you binge-watched this on July 4th.

    If you haven't watched #Bastard on #Netflix do yourself a favor and check it out.

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @TheRealJTV4K60

    2. An anime so amazing that some viewers are now exploring its manga.

    Netflix Bastard was a ton of fun, I enjoyed the first half more than the second but it got me interested enough to check out the manga. Major Guilty Gear vibes.

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @MercuryFalcon

    3. Netflix: How many reasons do you need to watch Bastard!!? Viewers: Yes.

    Bastard is basically anime porn. Does it make sense? No. Will I keep watching? Yes. I'm so entertained and need a season 2 #BastardNetflix. I love Dark Schneider. He is a wreck.

    Twitter: @zipppyyy2

    4. Bastard!! is an engrossing and entertaining wild ride of an anime.

    Finished watching Bastard anime on Netflix, and I had so much fun watching it 😄 It's been an extremely long time since I watched an anime that had the same vibe as High School DxD and was self aware. Also has a BANGER of an opening & ending! 🙌🏻

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @AheysalYT

    5. Even Netflix's haters can't stop loving Bastard!!.

    Netflix sucks. Bastard!! on the other hand doesn't. First season was a fucking blast. Just balls to the wall heavy metal murder. I fucking loved it.

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @MindOfMicahC

    6. An interesting trivia about one of the characters.

    Apparently, bastard's immortal vampire count di-amon is based on real life heavy metal artist, king diamond. Only with a slight tweak to the name, it became something absolutely badass. Now you know why i love the netflix anime series so much.

    Twitter: @JohannAffendy

    7. Well, porn or not, it's damn well entertaining.

    So I'm watching Bastard on Netflix... ...this is porn. This is definitely porn... But dammit I'm in

    Twitter: @mashashycosplay

    8. Dark Schneider is reason enough to start watching.

    “I watched #Bastard for the plot” The plot: #Bastard_anime #BastardNetflix #DarkSchneider

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @Luna_Wolf7

    9. The show has matched the expectations of many viewers.

    Netflix Bastard!! absolutely rules so far it’s exactly what I hoped it would be

    Twitter: @silencedrowns

    10. What an absolute banger of an opening!

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Bravo Netflix. Esto si es #Bastard.

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @oldschoolboy2k

    11. The animation does look sloppy here.

    So I’m watching the new “Bastard!!” Anime on netflix and - for the most part the animation aint bad but - Then there are scenes like this:

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @aurora_the_ram

    12. Statutory warning from one of the viewers.

    watch the ‘bastard’ anime on netflix. but….watch it alone,, bcuz 🥴🥴

    Twitter: @yagirltrose

    13. Some are looking for reasons to hate it, but Bastard!! is tough to hate.

    Ok I'm on ep 3 of the remake of Bastard! on Netflix I want to hate it, but I don't yet. Also the OP theme ''slaps no cap fr fr bussin'' as the young'ins say

    Twitter: @Nicchiban_

    14. Yes!

    “Wow. Bastard on Netflix was amazing.” “Liden actually did a good job.”” “It’s so gory and vulgar.” “Dark Schneider the GOAT MC.” Me:

    HBO / Via Twitter: @Skoringo_Tweets

    15. Fans are hoping that more and more people watch this so that Netflix renews it.

    I need y’all to watch Bastard!! So Netflix don’t just give me one season of this heavy metal pervert anime.

    Twitter: @NachoPicasso

    16. For those who don't get the reference: Inuyasha is another very popular anime.

    Whoever casted Inuyasha's actor to voice Dark Schneider in the Indonesian dub of Bastard!! must be on to something

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @RaihanH98

    17. Bastard!! has a very primal approach to telling its story.

    Finished BASTARD!! last night and that's a very good unapologetic anime "This is a kid's comic who would bother with foreshadowing" "It's so huge, it shakes hand with my belly button!" Never too late to see a character like Dark Schneider aka The Ultimate Handsome Hero

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @JTFernando029

    18. Dark Schneider is FUNNY!

    Dark Schneider's laugh is Something Ellllllllsssssseeeeeee😏😏😏😏😭😍😂😂😂😂😂😂❤!!!!!!!!! He's so funny!!!! #bastard #DarkSchneider

    Netflix / Via Twitter: @NatashaHutch21

    19. Some much needed appreciation for people behind the scenes.

    Watching Bastard!! And I gotta say I think the voice actor for Dark Schneider is actually perfect

    Twitter: @MunstaMasta