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The Sexism Of Space

NASA's EVIL sexist agenda

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The shape of the rocket. And not just the Saturn V launch vehicle, OH NO. Even the C/S M looked like a penis. Similar to how Ancient Egyptians asserted dominance by making phallic landmarks, modern woman did the same. We could have made a spherical spaceship, but it HAD to be penis shaped. AND the things we left behind, a flag, and a footprint, were not only left by SEXIST MEN but are shaped like penises as well. Neil Armstrong's boot? It looks like a penis. The flag is OBVIOUSLY phallic. And, I doubt there was no room for women. We could have left Michael Collins on Earth and brought a more qualified person, a WOMAN, perhaps? So....The next time the useless wise-asses at NASA want to make a crewed mission to the moon, it had better be ALL WOMEN to make up for their atrocious record of sexism. They have never even CONSIDERED sending women to space. To this day, there has never been a female astronaut! WE MUST FIX THIS!

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