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Angy Feminists Claim To Make A Country With NO MEN

Will this start a war between the Male and Female sexes?

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Feminazis Claim To Make A Country With NO MEN

Recently, a group of radical women who believe that women should have more power than men were formed. These women have been the reason for countless slaughter to men across the world, and they are reaching the same amount of fatalities as the KKK had. These women say that they are fed up with men, and that all of them are nothing more than women craving pigs that do not deserve a place on this planet. Felisha, the leader of the Feminazis, said this recently. “I don’t care for those stupid, ignorant, un-loyal pieces of garbage that think that they should have more power than us just because they claimed their power in the past. There has been too much sexism from them, and now it’s time that they get a taste of their own medicine.” They have a plan to get away from it, and it’s a large one.

In order to exact their revenge, they plan to make a country without men. They say that they would have their land by now, but none of the men in any of the countries are willing to sell it to them. “All we want is some land to make a country where women can feel safe, but these greedy men are too much of a**holes to bargain with us,” Felisha claims. They are not willing to let any men in the countries, as only women are allowed. “As long as we can make a safe haven for women everywhere, we can finally make men feel un-welcome and un-wanted, just as they did to us.” These women mean business, and are trying to take land from the US as we speak. They are planning to take a quarter of the North-East and they will not back down to any man’s words.

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