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Gucci Spring 2017 Has Your Entire Life Covered.

Dressing for every annoying occasion in life can be so tiresome. Thankfully Alessandro Michele at Gucci has designed a collection that has you sorted, no matter what situation arrises.

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The First Date.

Yannis Vlamos / / Via

The first date is oh so important. It is the very first impression that you give to your potential soulmate. You don’t want to appear too eager by wearing bridal colours, yet you do want to show him exactly who you are. A princess. You’ve got to dress the part if you want him to treat you as such. This gown is clingy enough to get his imagination running whilst not looking very tactile so he knows to keep his busy hands to himself.

The Hangover.

Yannis Vlamos / / Via

It happens to the best of us, more frequently than we might like to admit & its the worst. Thankfully Gucci have the perfect hangover ensemble. The colour is so beautifully optimistic that it will elevate your mood & if that fails, you can literally

pass out anywhere as the look doubles as fluffy blanket.

The Sports Match.

Yannis Vlamos / / Via

I know, I know, sports, gross right. But if you are obligated to attend a sporting event you at least want to appear supportive. This look is all you really need. It's fashion. It’s vaguely sports themed. And it's basically pjs so you can be bored out of your brain in luxe comfort.

The Maccas Run.

Yannis Vlamos / / Via

Everyone loves fast food. It’s true. But sometimes it’s such an effort to get up, get dressed & go get it. So you need something low key & easy to wear. Ta-dah. This gold number even matches the colour palette of most fast food joints, further helping you to indulge your take out craving whilst remaining incognito.

Yum Cha.

Yannis Vlamos / / Via

Speaking of food, dressing for Chinese cuisine is always tricky. It’s a pretty casual affair so it doesn’t require black tie, but at the same time you aren’t a peasant. This Gucci outfit fits the bill perfectly. It’s chic, nonchalant & culturally appropriate. It’s ambiguous asian influence means you could probably wear it to the sushi train at a later date. The pockets are perfect for hiding extra food that you may want to eat later at home.

Grocery Shopping.

Yannis Vlamos / / Via

Grocery shopping is one of those mundane yet highly necessary things in life. You need something cool to wear, because well you're in public, but you don’t want to show off. So this simple top & skirt are probably your safest bet. The skirt also doubles as a distraction, when the light hits it the reflection should blind other customers, enabling you to navigate the store more efficiently.

The Children's Birthday Party.

Yannis Vlamos / / Via

We all have a friend that unfortunately got married & had kids, therefore making us feel obligated to attend said children’s birthday parties. The fun colour & zebras will

delight the brats whilst showing off your ‘playful side’. The hat will disguise the look of utter disgust on your face should one of the little carrier monkey’s brush past you on the way to the jumping castle.

The Gym.

Yannis Vlamos / / Via

Unless you're one of those fitness obsessed freaks, no one really likes working out. But just because it's an effort doesn't mean you should compromise on style. These racing stripe pants are pretty much next level active wear, whilst the oversized jacket allows for movement & breathability between reps. The hat will protect your precious visage should you be unfortunate enough to have a trainer that is fond of the outdoors.

The Picnic.

Yannis Vlamos / / Via

Picnics with friends are lovely events really, but they are also a battlefield. Nature is beautiful yet notoriously unpredictable. This embroidered coat dress is really the only suitable option. The floral detail shows that you appreciate the surrounding flora & fauna whilst the gladiator epaulettes send a strong message to said fauna that you are not to be messed with.

The Best Friend's Wedding.

Yannis Vlamos / / Via

Weddings are the worst. Everyone is obsessed, pressed or stressed. You’re expected to look your best yet you must not outshine the bride. This frilly disco number is perfection. Its elegant & low key enough as to not draw too much attention yet just playful enough to subtly say that you don’t take the fact that you are still very much alone seriously.

Laundry Day.

Yannis Vlamos / / Via

So all your clothes are at the dry cleaners & you have no clean underwear. What’s a girl to do? This brocade coat dress has you covered, literally. It’s beautiful, it’s elegant, it distracts from the fact that you’re not wearing anything underneath it. The matching hat gives the illusion that this outfit was indeed on purpose & not a desperate attempt to hide your otherwise naked body. The bag serves as a positive affirmation reminding you that in the future you will be more on the ball when it comes to laundry.

The Psychiatrists Office.

Yannis Vlamos / / Via

Admit it, most of us are in therapy. Life is hard. We’re all depressed. The meds are okay, but you know what, sometimes you just need to put on a brave face & fake it till you make it. Your therapist may see straight through the facade but ultimately who cares. The sparkly fringing is enough to lift your spirits & cover the weight you’ve gained from all the late night binges. If that fails, the whole look will just remind you of christmas, ‘the happiest time of year’. *vom*

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