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11 Easy Ways To Make Your Cat Ultra Happy

A happy cat makes for a happy home. Get your feline feelin' fine with Feliway, clinically proven to soothe cats of any age.

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1. Keep a clean house.


Despite their wild backgrounds, cats are actually neat freaks. If you don’t maintain a clean litter box, they’re likely to lash out and get kitty litter (amongst other things) in places it shouldn’t be.

2. Keep things discreet.

The position of the litter tray is important: in a quiet corner, away from food and water, full-length windows, and busy thoroughfares.

Cats may see external doors and cat flaps as potentially dangerous places, so try to minimise the stress.

3. Give them access to water away from their food.


Cats naturally hunt for food and search for water on separate occasions, so the presence of water near the food can actually deter some cats from drinking (especially if on a dry diet).

4. And make it a rewarding experience.


Finding water elsewhere can be extremely satisfying and there should be at least "one water container per cat in the household plus one extra" in various locations away from food.

Pet drinking fountains and even glass tumblers are popular with cats, but regular bowls work fine too. Just make sure they're big enough and full to the brim.

5. Window access is particularly important.


Think of a window as telly for your cat. However, despite what most people would think, cats usually prefer smaller windows in darker rooms

It's important to give cats camouflage as they size up the environment. Big, full-length panes can leave them feeling exposed to all the 'horrors' of the garden, as they fail to grasp that they're safe inside.

6. Get elevated.


Tired of your cat scaling your tabletops or…you? Cats like to keep an eye on things, and the best way to give ‘em what they want is to buy them an elevated perch of some kind from which they can do just that.

7. Don't forget about privacy.

Taking time out from social demands is an essential part of everyday life for a cat, so secret hideaways are essential.

This could be under the bed, inside cupboards, or behind the sofa. Make sure not to disturb them unless absolutely necessary.

8. Upgrade them.


Not really, but for both your peace of mind and your cat’s safety, consider having a microchip installed – particularly if you’ve got an outdoor cat.

These chips can be inserted relatively painlessly and allow your local animal shelter to let you know exactly where Mr Business ran off to.

9. Don't replace that tore-up old scratching post.


Notice how it probably took your cat a bit before she got into using that fancy scratching post you bought? That’s because they actually like it when it’s a little worse for wear. If you replace it, they’re more likely to go back to the comforting arms of the ol’ arm rest.

10. Just hang out.


Cats might act nonchalant, but they really do like having you around. Spend a little time playing with them each day. Try different toys and find out what they like. Maybe even find a new hobby you both can enjoy!

11. Be the mediator.


Not all cats enjoy the constant accompaniment of another feline companion and see it as competition over food and space. So minimise this by using the "one item per cat, plus one extra" formula, and ensure you have a sensible number of cats for the size of your house.

12. Grow some grass.


Speaking of the wilderness, indoor cats appreciate getting a little taste of nature every once in a while. The best way to do this is by purchasing some cat grass, which is available at most pet shops.

13. Consult them before changing anything.


Cats usually like predictability and even the smallest change can be unsettling for them. And this could be unsettling for you if this means they then decided to wee everywhere as a result!

14. Give 'em cold, hard cash.


Worst comes to worst, no-one's gonna say no to a stack of cash.

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