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11 Easy Ways To Make Your Cat Ultra Happy

A happy cat makes for a happy home. Get your feline feelin' fine with Feliway, clinically proven to soothe cats of any age.

1. Keep a clean house.

2. Keep things discreet.

3. Give them access to water away from their food.

4. And make it a rewarding experience.

5. Window access is particularly important.

6. Get elevated.

7. Don't forget about privacy.

8. Upgrade them.

9. Don't replace that tore-up old scratching post.

10. Just hang out.

11. Be the mediator.

12. Grow some grass.

13. Consult them before changing anything.

14. Give 'em cold, hard cash.

Want to make your cat feel at home? Then use Feliway®.

When a cat rubs its face on something, it's actually placing its facial pheromones onto the object, which provides an important signal of familiarity and security for them.

Feliway® is a synthetic version of this pheromone, which is perfect for making your cat feel calm if you move house, decorate, add furniture, visit the vet, or even if you consider introducing a new cat.

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