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10 Charts That Will Only Make Sense If You Need To Save Money

Saving money can seem daunting, but with help from, you can get all the tools you need to prepare yourself for the future.

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5. When little things add up:

Little expenses can add up, but a great way to keep everything in check is to start tracking what you buy and categorizing everything. After a couple of months, you can see how much money you’re spending on miscellaneous things and whether you need to adjust your budget or not.

7. Staying in can help save lots of money:

FOMO is so, so real! It’s easy to turn on your phone and get jelly, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Make small changes to your spending habits (like staying in more) today, and you may have a big payoff in the future.

Charts and animations by Kirun Kunju/BuzzFeed.

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