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    21 Things You Know If You've Ever Travelled Alone

    Your photo album becomes a huge collection of selfies.

    1. Travelling alone is an amazing thing to do: you get to make all the choices and don't have to rely on anyone else.


    2. And when you're alone, it's definitely easy to make new friends.

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    3. Free walking guided tours become your main activity, so then at least you have people to hang out with.

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    4. Your number of Facebook friends grows more than it ever has before, as you meet so many people along the way.

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    5. But unfortunately, you probably will never see them again.


    6. Unless you travel on the same route, and then you'll find yourself bumping into them at every stop.

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    7. You make friends with lots of hostel workers.


    8. You never show up late to anything, because you don't have a travel companion slowing you down...

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    We all have that kind of friend.

    9. ...but at the same time, you kinda miss sharing experiences with them.


    10. You ask strangers to take pictures of you everywhere, but you're too shy to make stupid faces!

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    11. So your photo album becomes either a collection of awkward tourist pictures...


    *Checks pictures.* "I look horrible."

    12. ...or a huge collection of selfies.

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    13. You'd planned to make a video about your trip, showing how good it was even on your own, but you're too lazy to do it.


    14. When you left home, your friends made fun of you for travelling solo, and your grandma was just convinced you'd be lonely.


    15. Your mum wants you to be in constant contact, because she's heard horror stories about people travelling alone.


    16. You spent over a week carefully preparing a playlist to listen to during boring bus trips.

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    17. You choose which bus ticket to get depending on whether they have on-board WiFi... otherwise you'd get so bored on your own.


    18. You spend all your data sharing experiences with your friends, because they're constantly checking in and making sure you're alright by yourself.

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    19. And then when you're back home, your friends will remind you politely they've listened that same story 1001 times.


    20. You may sometimes feel a little unsafe on your own...

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    21. But in the end every little thing worked out amazingly, even though you were alone.


    You made it, boy!

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