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    I Travelled Along The Coast Of Victoria And New South Wales To Determine Which State Is Best

    A clumsy personal attempt to dig into a never-ending rivalry.

    Hi there! I'm Federico, I'm Italian, and I recently spent two weeks travelling along the Victorian and New South Wales coast, from Melbourne to Sydney.

    I am aware that the two states can offer much more than the little I experienced. What follows is a collection of the best moments I wanted to share, spicing it up with a bit of healthy rivalry.

    Let the battle begin!

    1. Sunrises: It's a tie!

    2. Breakfast. Victoria wins!

    3. Lookouts. Victoria wins!

    4. Towns. New South Wales wins!

    5. Animals. Victoria wins!

    6. Beaches. It's a tie!

    7. Lunch. Victoria wins!

    8. Adventures. NSW wins!

    9. Relaxation. Victoria wins!

    10. Gelato. Italy wins!

    Ok, back to the Aussie states...

    11. Lakes and rivers. New South Wales wins!

    12. Natural attractions. New South Wales wins!

    13. Delights. New South Wales wins!

    14. Museums. New South Wales wins!

    15. Sunsets. Victoria wins!

    16. Landscapes. New South Wales wins!

    17. Instagrammability. Victoria wins!

    18. Dinner. Victoria wins!

    Victoria wins!

    Travel was provided by Tourism Australia. BuzzFeed writers do not guarantee coverage.