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10 Ways In Which Laurie Hernandez Is A Totally Normal Human

Laurie, a typical teen, wins at...well, everything. But her lifestyle comes with odors, which is why she’s the New Febreze With Odor Clear Ambassador at Walmart. We <3 you, Laurie, but sometimes we all need a little Febreze!

1. She was only the youngest person to win DWTS, which is toootally like no big deal. So easy.

2. At age 16, she was the youngest member of the US women’s gymnastics team last year in Rio.

3. Oh, and she is the first US-born Latina since1984 to hit up the Olympics with the US gymnastics team, which is pretty much stuff any teen does on the daily.

4. (And the first Puerto Rican ever to make the team.)

5. She is nationally (if not globally) recognized as a "human emoji," which is something we all get called every day.

6. She couldn't compete in 2014 due to an injured knee and torn ligament, BUT, in 2015, she came back...and as a Junior National Champion. LOL. (She basically won everything that year, but it's really nbd.)

7. Laurie is busy at the gymnastics facility five to six hours a day, six days a week. But like, all teens are busy...right?

8. Her coaches have called her performances "sassy," and because we also train 5,000 hours a week and can do backflips on command, we aren't at all surprised.

9. And she also has a badass leotard collection...because at her age, who doesn't?

10. Like any other human who's achieved international fame through gymnastics, she's now looking at a possible future acting career. We all have that kind of ambition, after all.

And Laurie and her mom are the first Latina mother-daughter Febreze spokespeople! Watch how much they both love having their home smelling delicious with the New Febreze With OdorClear Technology!

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