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17 Times Rain And Caleb In "Fear Of Rain" Are Friendship Goals

Madison Iseman and Israel Broussard are the cutest.

In case you haven't seen Fear of Rain yet, here's your warning that there are some *very minor spoilers* ahead.


They're not big spoilers; but if you want to watch it first, go do that now. It's available wherever you rent or buy movies.

We are gathered here today to talk about every moment where Rain (Madison Iseman) and Caleb (Israel Broussard) have the cutest friendship and maybe-crush there ever was.

1. When Rain is having lunch by herself because her friends are THE WORST, and Caleb comes over and says, "Hi, pick a card."

2. And when he nails the card trick, Rain does the cutest face and aggghhh.

3. Then Caleb asks if she wants to get a coffee, or a non-coffee because it turns out neither of them drink it. He does this extremely sweet and awkward face.

4. When they see each other in PE and are all like, "Yeah, let's not," and then skip class together.

5. And then Caleb's windshield wipers don't work and they are forced to pull over for a while in the rain, and it seems like this could be a romantic moment.

6. When Caleb asks if Rain is OK.

7. When Caleb tells Rain she doesn't have to protect his feelings...

8. ...and Rain tells him that this was actually the nicest day she's had in a long time.

9. When Caleb says something about the singularity and that's why he doesn't have a cellphone; otherwise he would have asked for Rain's number.

10. When Rain says, "I just need you to trust me," and Caleb says, "I do."

11. When Caleb makes Rain the most thoughtful gift and says, "I guess I just like your brain."

12. When Rain wants to break into her neighbor's house and Caleb says he won't...but then he does so anyway.

13. When Caleb wants to just hang out and do something normal instead of break into a house again, so they have a cute ice cream and aquarium date...

14. ...and the sweetness between them is almost too much.

15. But then they go back to solving the mystery together, because Caleb is committed to helping his friend.

16. When Rain tells Caleb about her schizophrenia, and he is supportive and sweet and just listens to her without judgment.

17. And when it might be friendship between Rain and Caleb or it might be something more, but either way we are so here for it.

Images courtesy of Lionsgate

Check out this exclusive clip of Rain and Caleb, and then watch Fear of Rain, available now to rent or buy on the Apple TV app!