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A Pakistani Reacts To 6 Ridiculous "Homeland" Fails

"Did they use Google Translate for this?"

Meet Mohammad Jibran Nasir, a Pakistani lawyer and social activist.

Season 4 of Showtime's "Homeland" is largely set in Pakistan.

Prior to the fourth season of Homeland airing the poster had caused controversy.

"A blonde, white Red Riding Hood lost in a forest of faceless Muslim wolves: This is how 'Homeland's' creators have chosen to represent their show as it begins its fourth season, which sees CIA officer Carrie Mathison stationed in Pakistan."

"But all of this is way too nuanced for 'Homeland,' in which Muslims can play one of exactly two roles: terrorists or willing collaborators with U.S. intelligence forces." writes Laura Durkay for The Washington Post.

Jibran sat down withBuzzFeed Video to react to these "fails" from the show.

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Fail #1: How women dress.

Fail #2: Naming the head terrorist after a former U.S. ambassador.

Fail #3: Security protocol.

Fail #4: Incorrect Urdu.

Fail #5: What the capital looks like.

Fail #6: What a Pakistani looks like.