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A Pakistani Reacts To 6 Ridiculous "Homeland" Fails

"Did they use Google Translate for this?"

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Meet Mohammad Jibran Nasir, a Pakistani lawyer and social activist.

Jibran has spent most of his life in Pakistan. He partook in the 2013 national elections and ran as an independent candidate. A local celebrity and a favourite of the Pakistani youth, he's best known for his fearless campaigning against terrorism and corruption, and for minority rights in the country

Currently, Jibran is setting up an online network called neverforgetpakistan in hopes of building a better image of the country. You can join the movement here.

Season 4 of Showtime's "Homeland" is largely set in Pakistan.

Jim Fiscus / Jim Fiscus/SHOWTIME

The political thriller, which was initially popular in a good light among American show watchers in Pakistan, caused an outrage among Pakistanis for the inaccurate portrayal of their country in season 4.

Prior to the fourth season of Homeland airing the poster had caused controversy.

"A blonde, white Red Riding Hood lost in a forest of faceless Muslim wolves: This is how 'Homeland's' creators have chosen to represent their show as it begins its fourth season, which sees CIA officer Carrie Mathison stationed in Pakistan."

"But all of this is way too nuanced for 'Homeland,' in which Muslims can play one of exactly two roles: terrorists or willing collaborators with U.S. intelligence forces." writes Laura Durkay for The Washington Post.

Jibran sat down withBuzzFeed Video to react to these "fails" from the show.

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Fail #1: How women dress.

Fail clip: Protagonist Carrie Mathison is seen attempting to blend into a crowd in Islamabad by covering her head. She is, however, sporting a jacket, and jeans.

Jibran's take: "You think you're going to mix in the crowd by covering your head? What about the suit you're wearing? Seriously? So you're going to wear pants and a shirt, and nobody's going to notice because you've got your head covered? I mean Hillary Clinton comes in and she never covers her head.

All the people who work at the USAID and the State Department who roam around and who go to cafes, and eat around and dine around and party, and have a good time in Pakistan, they don't cover their head."

Fail #2: Naming the head terrorist after a former U.S. ambassador.

Fail clip: Aayan, the nephew of a head terrorist, is told "They say you are a nephew of Haissam Haqqani," which is an awful lot similar to "Husain Haqqani," Pakistan's former ambassador to the U.S.

Jibran's take: "Is that what he just said? They've actually used a name of our ambassador to the U.S. as the name of the terrorist... Oh wow.

So if anybody has seen "Homeland" and for them, the big terrorist guy they're trying to get to is "Husain Haqqani," when they meet the ambassador, they'll think, 'Oh, the terrorist from Homeland!'

They could not find any name among the hundreds and millions of names? They had to use Husain Haqqani's name for this? It's calling showing a racist white supremacist in Pakistan and calling him Bill Clinton or George Bush, so whenever you're thinking of the American president, you think of a racist white man."

Fail #3: Security protocol.

Fail clip: The C.I.A.'s team's car is being attacked by a violent mob in the capital city. The glass windows of the car are shattered and the agents are bleeding.

Jibran's take: "Americans have more security in Pakistan than an average Pakistani. It's a bomb proof car they're travelling in, by the way. You can't just break and shatter a glass like that.

And this adds into the whole security paranoia of America?"

Fail #4: Incorrect Urdu.

Fail clip: Urdu is Pakistan's national language. Signboards and spoken Urdu is badly translated throughout the season. In this particular clip, however, a guest house is called "makaan" (house).

Jibran's take: "'Islamabad ke makaan' which would mean 'houses of Islamabad,' not a guest house. A guest house would be a saraaha or just a guest house. I mean, did they use Google Translate for this, by the way?"

Fail #5: What the capital looks like.

Fail clip: The capital city is shown to be overcrowded. Islamabad is considered one of the poshest cities of Pakistan.

Jibran's take: "Islamabad is not even densely populated, as they show in this area. The streets are not like that. The people don't even dress like that. The people don't even look like that!"

Fail #6: What a Pakistani looks like.

Fail clip: Arab and other non-Pakistani actors are seen playing Pakistanis.

Jibran's take: They've got Arab actors playing Pakistanis... Pakistanis are Indo-Aryan. They're a whole different race. Pakistanis are not Arabs! That's a different race. Yes we come in the category of 'brown' but Hispanics also come into the category of 'brown'.

So 'Hispanics,' 'Arabs,' 'Indo-Aryans.'

They're perpetuating racism. They're perpetuating the notion that Pakistan is an extremist nation. To the producers of 'Homeland,' Pakistan is a country of 200 million people. We represent 4% of the world's population. We have more than 15 ethnicities. We speak more than 20 languages. And to reduce us to an acronym? Is that the world view you want to give?

We are your biggest ally in the War on Terror."