9 Easy Tips To Make It Seem Like You’re Interested In Sports

Sometimes it’s scary to talk about sports. Here are some simple tricks to make it seem like you’re totally up-to-date. Make sure you tune into Fashion Police every Friday at 10/9c on E!. All month long they will salute the fashion-conscious men and women of professional sports with the month-long celebration Fash Fabness. Werk.

1. Have one player you know something about.

This is LeBron James aka “King James”. He is very good at basketball. He used to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now, he plays for the Miami Heat. He’s a Capricorn. (Just repeat those facts over and over until the sports conversation is finished. Maybe not the Capricorn part.)

2. Dress with pizzazz

Jamie Squire / Getty Images

Paint your dumb face. Wear an embarrassing hat. Everyone will think you care.

3. Marry an athlete.

If you marry an athlete, you’ll have a personal connection to the game and everyone will think you’re TOTALLY into sports. (F.Y.I. This one also involves a life-long commitment, if that’s an issue.)

4. Stand-up and chant “DEFENSE”.

Rick Stewart / Getty Images

Pro-tip: wait for someone else to start the chant.

5. Say, “I’m just worried they’re not going to be hot going into the post-season” in response to everything.

Example questions: “How was the game?” or “How was the defense?” or “Are you thirsty?”

6. Stand-up and cheer.

Denis Doyle / Getty Images

Feel free to zone out or talk about your favorite reality show. But, keep one ear open. When the crowd goes crazy, so should you.

7. Choose a team to hate.

Grant Halverson / Getty Images

You don’t need a reason. Just choose one to dislike passionately.

8. If you can’t choose a rival team to hate, hate the referee.

Why? They make bad calls and RUIN winning.

9. Casually mention “the game” but never give specifics.

I thought THE GAME was great last night. Which game? Oh, THE GAME. You know, with the PLAYERS. It was on the TELEVISION.

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