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12 Athletic Outfits That Require A Double-Take

What are they wearing? Here's is some most outrageous athletic attire. Make sure you tune into Fashion Police Friday at 10/9c on E!. All month long they will salute the fashion-conscious men and women of professional sports with the month-long celebration Fash Fabness.

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1. Totally Rad Puffy Coat

Shaun Botterill/Staff / Getty Images

Japan's Combined Nordic Team dazzled in their amazing matching graphic coats. Bonus points for coordinated headbands.

6. Small Shorts or Big Underwear?

Tony Duffy/Staff / Getty Images

Kurt Thomas does the floor routine in his finest granny panties at the 1978 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships.

7. Crazy Golf Pants

Christian Petersen/Staff / Getty Images

In 2013, John Daly served splatter paint realness with these trousers that transition seamlessly from the scaffold to the fairway

9. Ye Old Football Uniform

Hulton Archive/Staff / Getty Images

Knute Rockne rocks an American football uniform in 1920. That's a real small helmet, sir. Hey, are those the shoes you're going to wear? Cool. K bye.

12. Australia's Camel Toe Unitards

David Cannon/Staff / Getty Images

Australia won a gold at the 1992 Olympics in the Coxless Fours. That is a rowing term and a fitting description for their onesies.

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