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I Love My City, Chicago.

The many things I love about my city.

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I love my city, Chicago.

From the large skyscrapers to the small shops around Michigan Ave. To Portillo's all the way to the Cubbies. Even if my dad loves the Sox but we still get along just fine. Living in Chicago my whole life has been amazing. Alumni for DePaul University, in which I majored in Journalism. I still have yet to get into connections with major newspapers but living in the city of Chicago, I have a great chance to accomplish just that.

One thing I might not enjoy as much in my city will be the cold! Burrrrr. Just thinking about the winter makes me cold. I can't complain too much as in right now since the winter of 2016 was sort of mild. It's always windy in Chicago, hence the nickname, "The Windy City".

Regardless of the unpredictable weather, I love all four seasons. If it weren't for winter, we wouldn't appreciate summer as much as we do. In the spring time you get to see gorgeous flowers blossom. It's just an experience that I can't put any words to exactly describe it.

The people of Chicago are amazing! It's a city with several different groups of people and cultures. I still have yet to discover the whole city but so far I've had so many different foods from many ethnicities. Chinese, Mexican, Indian, arabic, Puerto Rican, Irish, Italian, Turkish, and a few more I can't remember but all the food has been super splendid.

I will make an update blog soon! Maybe talk about certain places in Chicago and going into detail about their history and such.

Places to visit :

Navy Pier

Millennium Park

Willis Tower (Sears Tower)

Cloud Gate (The Bean)

Michigan Ave

North Avenue Beach

Oak Street Beach

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