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12 Parents Told Us The Great Ways They Sneak A Little "Me-Time"

'Cause every parent needs a moment without a child screaming their name.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the ways parents sneak a little me-time, and here's what they shared.

1. Taking a breather during bathtime.

2. Communing with nature for a sense of peace.

I do all the yard work. My husband's friends apparently complain about yard chores, but no way in hell am I letting my husband outside while I am stuck with the kids. When the Weedwacker is running, no one can hear you scream.


3. Shedding stress and clothes for an uninterrupted yoga sesh.

4. Transforming laundry time into TV show–bingeing time.

I stash a box of cereal in the laundry basket, then, while my husband is in the living room with the kids, I'm in the bedroom folding laundry and bingeing my favorite shows via laptop!


5. Ditching stress and taking up some hobbies.

6. Taking the time to find every deal at the store.

Late-night trips to the store for diapers. Getting coffee and walking every aisle up and down meticulously. Would hate to miss any great deals or something.


7. Jamming out during daily commutes.

8. Perfecting a sneak attack handoff so you can go to the bathroom in peace.

9. Making the parking lot an official nap zone.

I tell my kids I’m going to the store, leaving my husband with them, when I actually just wait in the parking lot and take a nap. We take turns?


10. Treating yourself after a blood-pumping workout.

11. Taking some time for your teeth.

I go to the dentist. A tooth cleaning is practically a trip to the spa. There is music playing, you get to lay down, close your eyes, and no one needs you. Afterward I always feel minty (re)freshed.


12. Strolling the aisles with no one to bother you.

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