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16 Self-Care Activities Parents Can Squeeze In During Those In-Between Moments

Retail therapy, a glass of wine, screaming the lyrics to your favorite songs in the car — every parent needs that little self-care pick-me-up.

1. Take a load off with some tub time, a podcast, and wine when the kids finally settle down in the evening.

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Consider putting your wine in a tumbler or sippy cup, 'cause glass in the shower is just plain dangerous.

2. Listen to a guided meditation before bed.

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Because the quiet of a still house is simply unsettling and downright suspicious, mellow out with calming affirmations and chill beats.

3. Do a clean sweep of your socials to block out the haters.


Ditch the people who only bring negativity into your feed and start following inspirational, positive accounts.

4. Walk the aisles of your favorite home goods store in between soccer practice and cello lesson pickups.


Spend a little extra time smelling the candles 'cause it's basically aromatherapy.

5. Get a little retail therapy and fill an online shopping cart while waiting for after-school pickup.


Pick a few items to treat yourself with every week — 'cause, as a parent, you deserve it.

6. Get some fancy fine-tip markers and an adult coloring book.

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Bonus points if it's the one where you can color in the beautifully designed curse words to work out your daily frustrations without having to contribute to the swear jar.

7. Take a specialized fitness class if you're looking for a sweaty self-care option.


Bonus points if it has an instructor-crafted fire playlist to pump you up.

8. Or curate your own hype jam mix to sing along to in between shuttling the fam around in the van.

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The driver's seat is the best place to shamelessly butcher the high notes.

9. Sign up for a monthly subscription box delivery.


Snacks, meal kits, wine, personal care, clothes... It's like sending a present to your future self and saves you a trip to the store, so really it's like two gifts.

10. Save a bunch of single-serve dessert recipes for when you'll need it most.


After the kids hit the hay, you'll be hitting that delish triple-chocolate mug brownie.

11. Brew a custom tea for the week based on your mood.

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A little water, grated ginger, and lemon goes a long way. And feel free to make it a toddy if it's been a particularity hard week.

12. Find a handicraft you enjoy and can pick up and put down at a moment's notice.


Cross-stitching for just a few minutes in between naps, carpools, and kitchen cooking timers can be very therapeutic and can even become a side hustle!

13. Make nights out without kids an actual priority.

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Plan nights with your parent and non-parent friends to always stay in touch with your identity outside of being a caregiver to small humans.

14. Seek out new social circles every once in a while.

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Whether you meet once a month or once a week or just have a collective group chat, find some people you can connect with about your daily life and for support and advice if needed!

15. Get some low-maintenance plants.


They can give your home additional air purification and be visually pleasing (get some cute little pot holders).

16. And always have an extra stash of snacks on hand for yourself when hosting a play date.

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You'll need something to munch on amid the chaos of a horde of children terrorizing your home.

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