14 Dumb Ways People Drive

How are these people allowed to have a car? Don’t be like them. Check out Farmers Insurance for tips on staying smart in a world full of dummies.

1. Text and drive.

You can’t even text and walk.

2. Build your own car accessories.

WayTru / Via Flickr: waytru

If your car door falls off, old carpeting is not a suitable alternative.

3. Ignore traffic signs.

Oh, you think your way is better? Good luck with that!

4. Run a business.

Jeremy Noble / Via Flickr: uberculture

Nothing good has ever come from running a business out of your trunk.

5. Drive on the shoulder of a highway.

You are not a road warrior, be more careful!

6. Create unnecessary blind spots.

infowidget / Via Flickr: infowidget

This situation is no good unless the bears in your trunk can talk. Then maybe they’ll help guide you out of that tight parking spot.

7. Not put your parking break on.

You want your car, but your car may not want you.

8. Eat or drink while driving.

Mike Burns / Via Flickr: mike-burns

“Oh, this General Tso’s is so good I……OH NO NO NOOOOOOOO.”

9. Take the gas pump with you.

Debs (ò‿ó)♪ / Via Flickr: 30223382@N06

When you go to a gas station you’re just paying for the gas, not the whole machine.

10. Freak out when you see a bug.

We all get little spiders in our cars sometimes, please don’t have a heart attack when one says hi.

11. Forget to wear a seatbelt.

Think this is obvious? You’d be surprised.

12. Take selfies.

Casey Robbins / Via Flickr: 96358660@N05

Especially when your dog isn’t even buckled in!

13. Try to fix your own car.

walknboston / Via Flickr: walkn

Hiring a professional is probably your best bet. Plus, your car looks a heck of a lot better without the bungee cords.

14. Throw your trash in the backseat and leave it forever.

Joanna Poe / Via Flickr: 94661162@N00

Your car will forever be known as the “Garbage Mobile”, and that’s just embarrassing :(

Be smart; don't let dumb driving ruin your day.

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