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11 Furniture Buys That Will Make Your Home Feel Like A True Expression Of You

Everyone knows home is where the heart is, so why not make it feel more like you?

At the time of publication, all items are in stock either online or in-store.

This year we've all realised how important it is to be comfortable in our homes — and there's nothing better than a space that's able to express who we are.

Three people standing and dancing on a bed

All products are in stock correct at the time of publication.

1. For those who know that fashion is an investment, this drawer unit to make sure your belongings each have their own place.

Large shelving unit showing off shoes, bags and hats with huge amounts of drawer space

2. If you’re a passionate gamer who wants enough room for all your equipment and snacks while you're in the zone, this desk will become the biggest weapon in your arsenal.

Gaming desk with matching gaming chair

3. For those who are after a quiet little nook all their own, this armchair would be perfect for a small meditation space.

Armchair with attached chaise, placed beside bookshelf

4. For all the social butterflies who absolutely bloom in the summer sun, this outdoor seating set.

Two seater outdoor set styled with a ping zig-zag cushion and a small table

5. For the students out there whose lives revolve around their studies, this hutch, because studying can be pretty, too.

Wooden hutch displaying trinkets and books with desk chair

6. For those spiritual souls out there, fall in love with this Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

7. For all the dog parents out there who know their pooch deserves everything in the world, this adorable pet sofa.

Dog resting on small pet sofa

8. For the hard worker, this wall art, because you deserve something nice for yourself.

Canvas photo of the Eiffel Tower leaning against a couch

9. For those of you whose weekends must always start with a lazy, sunny sleep in, this bed.

Queen Bed decorated with soft tones and textured blankets to looks cosy and inviting

10. For the binge-watching enthusiast, this sofa.

A three seater couch with a pillow and throw blanket

11. And finally, for all the beauty lovers, this gorgeous statement mirror.

Arched mirror with a gold trip and a small gold shelf on the bottom

Fantastic Furniture is the place to go to make your home really feel like a home — an extension of you! Because when it feels like home, you truly feel like you.

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Fantastic Furniture has a large range of Aussie made products, which are customisable to every taste. Plus, they're super affordable, not to mention stylish and extremely comfortable. What else do you need? Find your Fantastic in-store or online today.