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    We'll Guess What Type Of "Sports" Dad Yours Is If You Take This Quiz. See If We're Right!

    Father's Day is just around the corner, and we want to put Dad in the spotlight. In FANCHEST's Second Annual Dad Appreciation Week, we will be highlighting 5 types of sports dads. Find out which one your dad is and be sure to celebrate him during the week by nominating him for Dad of the Year.

    1. If Dad had to leave work early to catch a game, he’s most likely leaving for which type of game?

    2. What's Dads favorite sport?

    3. Who's Dads Favorite Team?

    4. When Dad watches sports, he....

    5. Who is Dad's favorite athlete?

    6. If Dad’s favorite team was playing in the big game, you’d find him...

    7. On game day, Dad ALWAYS wears...

    8. Back in the day, Dad was...

    There are a lot of "Dad Types" out there. I bet we'll guess which one is yours by answering these 8 questions about Dad!


    It's almost Father's Day. So why not celebrate, reminisce, and laugh about how hilarious Pops is when it comes to sports. Answer these 8 questions about Dad and we'll tell you which Sports Dad he is.

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