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There's A Theory That "Stranger Things" And "It" Take Place In The Same Universe, And It's Legit

Now all I want in the world is to watch Eleven face off against Pennywise next season.

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According to this theory from Twitter, it all starts with Bob's childhood.


In Stranger Things, Bob is said to have grown up in Maine, which is where the film (and book) It was set. The original story took place in the 1950s, which is when Bob would have been a kid.


Fans also noticed that the actor Finn Wolfhard, who played a character in each, delivers the same line in both the series and the movie:

Finn Wolfhard says the same line in both #StrangerThings and the movie IT

Is it a coincidence? A hidden message? Are people making something out of nothing?


It may not be so far-fetched. The Duffer brothers, who created Stranger Things, have said that Stephen King's books were an inspiration for the series.

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