16 Signs Your Friend Is Being Controlled By Aliens

Do you ever think something is up with your friend? Like something is really out of the ordinary? Have you considered the possibility that they are under alien control? No? Well, watch the Falling Skies premiere on June 9th and think again.

1. Does your friend have finger-legs?

ballison10 / Via reddit.com

Nothing says “I’m an alien” more than finger-legs.

2. Are your friends saying hi to each other like this…

Javier aguilar / Via instagram.com


3. “Hey!”

Famela Anne Gomez Madamba / Via instagram.com

This seriously must be the alien version of a high five.

4. Does your friend lose total control of the lower half of his body?

This is the other way aliens say hello.

5. Has your friend been swapping faces with animals?

Dom / Via instagram.com

Kind of the best alien power there is.

6. See the aforementioned.

Animal heads. Human bodies. Extraterrestrial beings.

7. Can your friend eat their own YOGURT HEAD?

There isn’t a single normal thing going on here.

8. Does your friend hide their identity in mysterious ways?

Thomas Scott / Via instagram.com

Alien goggles for alien eyes, perhaps?

9. Has your friend lost her arms and dances like this?

She’s a prisoner to alien control and sass.

10. Does your friend have two heads, one being really sneaky?

Hetal Gandhi / Via Twitter: @hngandhi

This is his alien doppleganger just creepin’.

11. Does your friend attract space globes in sexual ways?

Marco Warhol / Via instagram.com

This is how space babies are made.

12. Do your friends break it down like nothing you’ve ever seen?

An alien abduction in the works.

13. Does your friend make you question his existence?

How could this person possibly be human?

14. Does your friend seemingly defy laws of physics?

Alien super move!

15. Have you lost your friend to a codependent relationship with an inanimate object?

Carla Bosch Clar / Via Twitter: @play_a_lovegame

That bear is a macaroni and cheese loving extraterrestrial — you just don’t know it yet.

16. Have you ever been like, “My friend is definitely an alien?”

Because LOOK AT WHAT IS GOING ON HERE. Or don’t look. Yes, don’t look.

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