13 Signs That Aliens May Have Already Invaded

When you got up this morning, things just seemed a little… off. It could be a coincidence… or it could be a sign that “They” are finally here. Want to know what it looks like when they’re definitely here? Tune into TNT’s Falling Skies, premiering June 9th at 9 PM.

1. Are you getting strange, coded messages?

2. Are neighborhood animals acting… weird?

3. Do they seem to sometimes have crazy supernatural abilities?

(But just sometimes?)

4. How about your neighbors?

5. There's definitely something weird happening.

6. Check with the authorities to find out if they suspect anything.

8. Hide! And don't come out until the authorities arrive.

9. These nice men from the government would like to ask you a few questions.

10. The government men say not to worry. There are no such things as aliens. Now just look directly into this agent's eyes and everything will become clear.

11. There are no aliens.

12. Go home. Everything is normal.

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