11 Extraterrestrial Powers You Wish You Had

You’ve always dreamed about having superpowers, but is that really enough? The answer: No. You need extraterrestrial powers to adequately dominate the globe. Check out the best ones here and for more extraordinary feats, watch the premiere of Falling Skies on June 9th.

1. Superhuman Strength

Lady Wen / Via instagram.com

Holding a man-popsicle will be a non-issue for you now.

2. Isolated Explosion Power

(Not to be confused with humidity hair.)

3. Telekinesis

Because actually touching stuff is lame.

4. Levitation

Bonus power: Becoming perfectly parallel with anything.

5. Lightning Control

This power can go two ways:

1. You can either harness the power of lightning and use it against people and cats OR

2. You can absorb the energy from living things and turn it into lightning power so strong it makes you levitate.

Your choice.

6. Control Over The Elements

This power only works with practice, neon, and confidence.

7. Body Morphing

They are really owning this look. Aren’t you jealous?

8. Animorphosis

You see, this person turned into a fish turning into Mickey Mouse — layers and layers of mind blowing.

9. Orbit

Yes, the power of Orbit. It’s essentially yoga.

10. Invisibility

Never let the haters see you upset again.

11. Skin Removal

This is great for Halloween and being in disguise.

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