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10 Most Convincing UFO Sightings

It's a bird, it's a plane...nope it's a UFO! There's extra terrestrial life out there, and sometimes it takes a trip to visit earth. You might be a non believer, but take a close look at these UFO sightings and try to argue otherwise. For more sci-fi fun check out the two hour season premiere of Falling Skies on June 9th at 9PM on TNT.

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1. Just a "metal thing" floating around Brazil on February 11, 2011


The day this mysterious "metal thing" showed up in São Paulo, there were bright lights all over the place. The Earth was shaking, and the bright lights extinguished. While on paper, this sounds like an awesome Daft Punk concert, it in fact was an out of this world invasion.

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2. "Reflecting light" in the Haarlem, Netherlands on January 18, 2011


While watching a hotel live cam, someone noticed three mysterious lights that were floating for 30 minutes. The light then faded away into the sky. One might argue that it's just reflecting light, but light doesn't reflect so vividly. We all know what that light means... just aliens visiting the Netherlands.

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3. "Clouds" in RishonLezion, Israel on January 12, 2011

DragonRal / Via Flickr: dragontw

UFOs disguised as clouds? It makes perfect doesn't it? It's the perfect decoy. This "cloud" formation showed up 5 days after a similar incident of UFO clouds in South Carolina.

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4. "Airplane lights" in Clark County, Nevada on August 29, 2007

Adam Baker / Via Flickr: atbaker

Just another unsolved mystery in Nevada. Some might say that the "light" is just reflecting from the Las Vegas strip. That would be one bright and shining casino sign. The only answer here is... UFO.

Learn how to report a UFO sighting here.

5. "Totally normal green light" floating around Norfolk, England in March 2011


A local photographer captured this image of the Norfolk windmill. The photographer later noticed the green light. What else could it possibly be besides a UFO?

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6. "Mysterious silver object" in the sky in Manhattan on October 13, 2010

Via Twitter: @jasondiamond

Everyone knows that there are at least a couple hundred aliens in New York. For anyone who had their doubts look no further than this picture. You know it's a serious alien invasion when the Federal Aviation Administration gets involved. While the mystery was never solved, the FAA definitely knows things we sure don't know.

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8. "Black disk" flying in the sky in Louisiana on October 23, 2010


This was taken from a construction site web cam. The witness reported that moments later it had disappeared. It could be a bird, but do disk-shaped birds exist? NOPE.

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9. A "cloud formation" in Pflugerville, Texas on May 25, 2011.


This might look like a scene from a movie, but it's real life! A US solider took a picture of this UFO cloud when it showed up over Fort Belvior. Clouds don't look that crazy! It's gotta be a UFO.

For more pictures and a video of this cloud invasion check out the whole story here.

10. An indisputable UFO flying around.

MIKI Yoshihito / Via Flickr: mujitra

If you ever had any doubts about UFOs look no further than this picture. What else could it be? A top hat? NO. NO. NO. Large top hats do NOT float around in the sky. This is a UFO. There is no other answer.