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How To Get The Best Ergonomic Chairs?


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One of the most common pieces of furniture used for the office is the ergonomic chairs. If you want to buy the ergonomic chairs then it is important to consider the following characteristics in the product:

# It is important to look for the option of height adjustment. It is important for giving the required flexibility to the person sitting on the chair. A standard chair height, that can be a best fit for the person from 5 feet to 6.4 feet, is 15 to 22 inches. The best chairs are fitted with a height cylinder to help get the best adjustment. The most suitable heighted chairs are great for the relaxed knees and back.

# The size of the seat pan also matters a great deal. The depth of the seat pan is what keeps the body in the best posture. The deeper the seat the better placed is your knees as they will not be in contact with the pan. The width of the pan has to be one inch more than your hips width. Don't forget to consider your weight also.

# The chair must be fitted with the user friendly mechanisms. The levers must be handy and easy to manage. The user must not get baffled by the movements and adjustments with the help of the levers attached to it. Modern chairs are coming with several mechanisms that are great with the updated manifestations.

# Sitting in the office is not an easy thing to do. The body needs to relax a bit. This is supported by tilting mechanism. The chairs can have numerous tilting mechanisms like synchro-tilt mechanism, knee title mechanism and back tilt mechanism.

# Head rest is also an important thing to consider while going buying the chair.

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