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What To Feed Your Child At Fast Food Restaurants When You Have No Choice

Okay, so nobody wants to feed their kid fast food, but sometimes you have no choice. What follows is not the "best" thing to choose at popular fast food places, but more like the "least evil" thing to choose.

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1. McDonald's: Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

McDonald's / Via

380 Calories, 37 Grams Protein, 6 Grams of Fat. Go even lighter and remove the chicken from the bun and cut it up into small pieces perfect for your little one's small hands.

6. 6. When in doubt, use the simple rule: Grilled Chicken > Ground Beef > Fried Chicken.

Generally speaking, if you have to choose between a crispy chicken sandwich and a burger, the burger is often much healthier.

Also, sauce is NOT your friend.

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