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Proof That Not Every High Schooler Fits A Stereotype

Graduation can't come soon enough.

1. High school is tough — no doubt about it.

2. Everyone tells you what to do and what to be, but really, can they just let you LIVE?

3. You're not a nerd, jock, outcast, or popular kid, and you'd appreciate not being labeled, thank you very much.

4. You don't care about trends or what's hype this week.

5. You don't have a clique or a squad. You have a few good friends, and that's all you need.

6. No, you aren't being a moody or emotional teen. You are allowed to feel things. You're human!

7. You aren't bored or disinterested. You actually have a life outside of school, and you're dealing with a lot.

8. People keep telling you that your future looks bright, but honestly, you're just trying to get through today.

9. You have wisdom and maturity far beyond your years of experience.

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