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"Will Smith's Bucket List" Shows Us How To Live Our Best Life

In his new show Will Smith's Bucket List on Facebook Watch, Will Smith tries to conquer his fears and his life's bucket list, which has us absolutely inspired.

1. First things first: Always make an entrance.

2. Try not to think too hard about whatever dumb sh*t you’re about to do.

3. Make a list of your biggest fears, strap on a parachute, and jump…

4. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for a hand…but try not to screw up the handshake.

5. Find a good hat. A good hat can really be a game changer.

6. Don’t go it alone — force your family to do it with you!

7. Know that it’s OK to be so scared that you burst into manic fits of laughter.

8. Take time to realize how fortunate you are…even when you’re surrounded by hungry, bloodthirsty sharks.

9. Most importantly, try not to piss off your significant other.

10. Also, falcons are pretty cool.

All images courtesy of Facebook Watch.

Whether it's trying something new or just being able to laugh at yourself, Will Smith embodies living your best life in Will Smith's Bucket List, a Facebook Watch original series.