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14 Pictures Of Classic Fall Decor That Will Have You Feeling Nostalgic AF

I grew up with #12 as a staple on my family's dining room table.

It's officially fall which is arguably the best time of the year, IMO. There's something about seeing a scarecrow wreath on a door and leaves on the ground that just screams joy.

ross geller sitting next to a pumpkin head

While standard home decor trends come and go, it seems that many people love to stick to the classics when it comes to seasonal decorations — especially fall, harvest ones. Here are some typical fall decorations that will live on forever, and I personally can't get enough of them.

1. The classic football signs that are often seen on display in someone's living room.

a sign that reads, "We interrupt this marriage for football season"

2. The leaf garland draped over the fireplace always screams fall.

a white cat sitting in front of a fireplace

3. The classic orange and yellow fall table cloth.

a fall kitchen table cloth

4. Small festive bowls that oftentimes aren't even filled with anything.

a small pumpkin bowl with a ghost on top

5. Little light-up pumpkin heads that I definitely saw in friends' houses growing up.

light up pumpkins on a string

6. Seeing a pickup truck "welcome" plaque just makes me want to go on a hayride and pick pumpkins.

a plaque that says, "welcome harvest"

7. A pumpkin-shaped mug to drink your PSL out of.

a pumpkin shaped mug on a table

8. A scarecrow and leaf wreath that will bring a smile to anyone who enters.

a leaf wreath on a door

9. There's nothing quite like multicolored decorative ears of corn during the fall season.

multicolored decorate ears of corn

10. I personally can never buy enough colorful gourds for my home once October 1 hits.

Colorful gourds

11. Nothing says fall quite like a festive doormat.

football mats on shelves in a store

12. I grew up with almost this exact runner and centerpiece combo on our dining room table.

a festive fall table runner

13. A decorated front porch isn't complete without a wooden welcome sign that screams "fall" next to the front door.

a decorated front porch of a house

14. A fall candle that makes you crave a slice of pumpkin pie.

a candle on display in a store

Is there any other typical fall decor that you could add to this list? If so, share it with me in the comments below!