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    People Are Sharing Specific Things We Often Pretend No One Does (But Truthfully, We Know We All Do Them)

    It's time to admit we're all guilty of these...

    I came across a Reddit thread where u/TheBlanketFortPirate asked, "What's something we all just pretend no one does, but in truth we know we all do it?" Let me just say — I felt relieved to learn that I'm not the only one who does some — okay, a lot — of these things. Read on to get what I'm saying.

    a woman singing saying, "i'm not alone."

    1. "Making up fake scenarios in our head."

    a woman saying, "that part."

    2. "Fart in public. I was at Home Depot a few months back, and I was walking down an aisle, and another dude was walking down that same aisle toward me. When he realized I would be walking where he just was, his exact words were, 'I about just shit my pants right over there, maybe give it a minute before you head that way.' I’ve never been so appreciative toward a complete stranger. That’s really looking out for your fellow man right there! We’ve all been out and unknowingly walked through someone else’s fart or had someone else walk through ours."


    3. "When you go into an aisle in the grocery store and you see someone in front of the object you’re looking for so you pretend you’re getting something else all while hovering near them waiting for them to leave that area so you can get said object."

    a man looking confused

    4. "Make snap judgements about people based on their appearance. We make these judgements before we have time to think about it. It’s almost instant. None of us likes to talk about this because some of these judgements are controversial."

    a woman saying, "well no, that's not exactly right."

    5. "Convincing yourself in your head that everyone around you is doing things perfectly and at full efficiency and expect the same of the people around them."


    6. "I don't know if we all do it, but open a card and pretend not to see cash fall out while reading the card."

    a woman looking down in surprise

    7. "Look up words that people use because we don't know the meaning even though we pretend to when they are talking."


    8. "Making up conversations in my head before something important. Like, I will say this, and then the response from another person might be this. Sometimes, it can go for 10-15 minutes before I snap back to reality."


    9. "Winning fake arguments in your head."

    a man cheering saying, "yes!"

    10. "Intrusive thoughts that make us question whether we're secretly psychopaths."


    11. "Telling small lies — especially to make us and others feel better."


    12. "Read messages from the notification bar, then pretend you didn't see the message until much later."

    a hand touching a smartphone

    13. "Reading comments or texts multiple times after sending or posting them. Just to let the fact that you’re a modern-day Shakespeare settle in."


    14. "Complain about others speeding and saying they are going too fast for no reason but giving ourselves a pass because what we are late for is really important."

    hands holding a steering wheel in a car

    15. "Panic clean before guests come over to then apologize for the mess."


    a woman cleaning the inside of a fridge

    16. "Smell our own body odor."


    17. "Having a full conversation with your pet. I can't be the only one."


    18. "Having anxiety after social events. 'Was I weird?' 'Did they like me?' 'Did I look well enough?'"


    19. "Google an unrecognizable number rather than just answer the call to find out who it is."

    a hand googling on a smartphone

    20. "Parking and then sitting there in the car because we have to finish singing the song."


    21. "Watch the call come through and then say, 'Sorry I missed your call.'"


    Is there anything you would add to this list? Tell me in the comments below!