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    "Girls Have To Wax In Order To Look Presentable:" 24 Social Norms That People Had Enough Of, And Honestly I Feel The Same Way About Some Of These Too

    "Am I getting paid for this team building work experience that’s so important?"

    There are certain things in society that people say, do, or expect from others without thinking twice about it. We're all guilty of it!

    So when I came across a Reddit thread where Redditor u/Morticiar asked the question, "What is one social norm you do not agree with? Why?", the eye-opening responses really caught my attention. Here are some of them.

    1. "Waiting a certain amount of time before texting back so you don't seem desperate. I don't like to keep people waiting, so screw that."

    2. "Your job is your life. Whatever happened to doing what makes you happy?"


    3. "The whole concept of certain foods being intended for certain times of the day. If I want pizza for breakfast and cereal for dinner that's what I'm gonna have."

    4. "After-hours company parties or get togethers. Am I getting paid for this team building experience that’s so important? No? Then I spend enough of my time with you people."


    5. "Expecting people to host large weddings. Why save for a house when you can feed all of us and let us party for free? But, oh wait, don't forget about all the gifts that totally make up for the cost."

    People toasting champagne at a wedding

    6. "Filtering your face and body beyond its general appearance. Not cool. It just perpetuates unrealistic standards and makes people’s self-esteem go down when seeing these influencers who aren’t flawless in reality."


    7. "Sharing EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of your life online or sharing whatever you're feeling through passive aggressive posts online. I just do not like these practices because to me they show those people lack common sense and have somewhat shallow thought process regardless of how smart or rich they may be."

    8. "When people say you have to choose family over friends. Even if they treat you like shit, even if you barely know them, just because they're 'family.' I have friends who treat me like family more than actual family members."


    9. "The stigma attached to not going to college. This has improved a lot, but the vast majority of middle class still associate not going to college with failure and laziness. Same goes for people who go to technical and community colleges. So many teens are discouraged from pursuing their interests."

    An aerial shot of a university's campus

    10. "That being an introvert is something that you need to overcome."


    11. "It being taboo to discuss what you earn with your work colleagues."

    Crumbled dollar bills against a pink background

    12. "I don't agree with the social norm that says that it is necessary to get married in order to have a successful and fulfilling life. I believe that you can be just as happy and fulfilled without getting married and that there are many different paths to a happy life."


    13. "Gendered soaps, body wash, and shampoo."

    The back of a man washing his hair in the shower

    14. "That asking a woman about her age is rude."


    15. "If you don't want to spend $60 to $100 on drinks, you're cheap. Basically trying to save money at all these days is going to get you labeled as cheap."

    Multiple glasses of beer doing cheers

    16. "I am a dude with long hair and I am often asked why I let it grow so long and I am often misgendered. I do not think guys should be expected to keep their hair short."


    17. "Women putting their entire lives on hold waiting for their significant other to propose. Just ask him. Life is too short to be in a holding pattern."

    18. "Having to meet up with people all the time, going out partying, or going on social gatherings. I'm just not that social and people think I'm weird."


    19. "It is NOT OKAY to ask people when they plan on having kids, why they haven't had kids yet, or why they have so many kids. Other people's reproduction is not your business!"

    A side view of a woman's pregnant belly

    20. "That only girls have to wax in order to look 'presentable' or because [pubic hair] is 'unhygienic.' This simply doesn't make any sense to me. I have not waxed in the last 14 years and never will."


    21. "Working 40-hour weeks when technology has allowed the same level of production if people just worked half that time.

    A hand typing at a laptop

    22. "If you’re not out of your parents’ place by the time you’re in your mid-20s, then you’re a failure. It’s actually very normal in Asia for single people, men and women alike, with careers to live with their parents."


    23. "That you have to take out student loans for college. That essentially demands that the rest of my life works out according to plan in order to be able to pay it off. It's never gone according to plan before now, why would it start now?"

    A group of students sitting at their desks in class with masks on

    24. "Hustle culture working yourself to the bone and wild hours to make some more money it shouldn’t be glorified."


    Are there any social norms that you strongly disagree with? Tell me in the comments!